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Karma: Action for which We Are Responsible

Karma Reflects Past Action

All of our thoughts, words and deeds leave us and travel out into the cosmos. The effect of those actions inevitably return as positive, neutral, or negative karma. The speed of this return is based upon the distance that the karma travels. First it reflects off of objects close to you. It continues travelling into the Universe, and continues reflecting off of further and further objects. The further away the reflection, the older the karma is.

The past is always a state of lesser evolution than the present. Therefore, older karma is a reflection of less wisdom, compassion, understanding, capacity to love, etc. than your present state of being. For this reason, your present state of being is a point of power from which you can modify the old karma. You will always meet karma with greater resources and wisdom than when the karma originally formed.

Locating and Disarming a Karmic Bomb Before it Blows

Karma means action which produces a reaction. The nature of human life is to work in this field of action and reaction. The process of working through karma leads to understanding, which ultimately neutralizing it. Illness is karma in some form or another. For the royal road in life, catch the karma before it emerges as the symptoms of illness or tragedy.

The nature of the spiritual path is to experience the growth and expansion of consciousness. When we organize our human life before birth, we decide on how far away we want our karma to be. As consciousness expands we “bump” into karmic loads. Then look out! That thing will come right into the heart of your world and create chaos, shaking life to its core.

When consciousness is sufficiently expanded to provide the tools to deal with the challenge, then the task is easier. Exercising the ability to use those tools integrates and stabilizes the expanded state of Being.

This process does not have to catch one off guard or create tremendous trauma. How do we identify these karmic loads before they detonate? How to disarm karmic loads gracefully so that the soul’s purpose is satisfied without losing quality of life?

1. What goes up must come down

Karma unfolds in waves. Expansion of consciousness must integrate and stabilize. Therefore a time of fullness, resource, and expansion will naturally be followed by a time when those very resources are put to the test.

Maintain balance between passion and caution when the wave is up. Save some resources for the collapse. Look at the collapse as one side of the Divine Dialogue where the old paradigm breaks down so a definition of self, which better serves the embodiment of Divinity, can emerge. The collapsing wave serves the call of evolution, embrace it.

2. Know Thyself

A new definition of self is coming, one that aligns with a more fully expanded consciousness. It is common for the old definition to get shaken up before being discarded. Feeling dissatisfied or disappointed in yourself is common as the wave collapses. These feelings are the form of the collapsing process.

Do not be fooled. You are always bigger than your feelings. Give yourself permission to identify with the highest sense of Self. When the going gets tough, the tough turn to pure truth for answers. You are the whole universe, holy and Divine. We all are. We just forgot this important truth when we came into this life carrying our suitcase of karma.

3. Resolve to Resolve

Karma is naturally incomplete and therefore a symbol of non-wholeness. The soul recoils from this opposition to its essential nature. Karma is a reaction to what you were, not what you are. The discomfort of dealing with karmic challenges makes letting go of the old and embracing the new, easier. Pain makes us prioritize.

When functioning in a field of discord, look to Wholeness. All incompletions are completed in the field of Pure Being. Pure Being is your true nature. The deep, inner, silent Source of All That Is, is the solver of all problems, the completer of all incompletions, the fountain head of fulfillment of all desires. It is in the times of greatest pressure, pain, and suffering that one can see what is real, and what is not.

When the resources are readied, and understanding in place, then you will intelligently position yourself to masterfully expand into your highest Divine Nature with every wave of karma. You will will build skill and confidence as you enjoy the process of disarming karmic bombs before they blow.

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