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Tarpanum: Offering to the Ancestors

What is Tarpanum?

Tarpanum refers to an ancient Vedic offering of homage to the ancestors. Normally on places a small amount of rice, sesame seeds and water in the palm of the hand and then offers this to the moon when it is just a crescent or in full darkness (new moon). This ancient tradition from India often gets performed with various mantras and is more elaborate.

Tradition also suggests selecting specific new moons auspiciously placed to best please each ancestor. However, generally speaking, the most auspicious moon for offering tarpanum is in September. A two or three week period in September is supposedly especially auspicious for ancestral work.

In Energy Healing it is possible to work outside the context of space and time and offer tarpanum in locations specifically structured to be most beneficial to the ancestors.

Making the Offerings Energetically

Years ago, I received the idea of having the causal body intelligence make the offerings to ancestors energetically. From that level of being, which is outside the constraints of space and time, enhancements are quite possible. You don’t have to personally go outside and offer the materials. That part of the process gets completed for you energetically.

The causal level of creation has locations where the laws of nature are more supportive for ancestors than others. Think of a house where rooms have specific functions. Likewise, in the subtle fields of creation exists holy temples to the ancestors. That’s where the offerings can be made. And result in the greatest impact and value for the ancestors

There are some new moons which are better for some ancestors than others. The collective body intelligence can select from our world’s history the most valuable time for any ancestor. And then make the offering. Even if the best time occurs 3,000 years ago, the intelligence can perform the tarpanum that time. That’s because there’s no constraints of time and place in those subtle realms. Blessings will reach your ancestors now.


  • I first settle awareness into the collective level of my being.
  • Then I ask that the the wise, priestly intelligences of my inner reality make the offering.
  • And it gets done from there, with maximum efficiency.


Healing for the Ancestors and DNA

(Estimated viewing time: 10:15 minutes)

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