Distance Energy Work

Distance Energy Work Group Sessions

Please order Distance Energy Work Group Sessions using our Online Order Form.  

This budget-friendly option is perfect for those who require immediate attention. It is also wonderful for people of any age who can benefit from short on-going doses of Divine healing. No prior experience is necessary.

In this type of Distance Energy Work Session, we do not talk on the phone or Skype with one another while the session is happening. Your concerns are addressed by Divine Intelligence directly while I quietly witness during the session.

Here are some more details regarding the Standard Distance Energy Work Group Sessions:

  • Sessions begin at 11 am CST/CDT, the first weekday after application and continue daily until the series is completed, unless otherwise specified.
  • Each person receives attention and transformation from Divine Mother and her innumerable specified forms. Also, each person receives Cosmic guidance for the personal God Presence.
  • Specific concerns are directly addressed. Please list concerns in the form below. If more space is needed, please email distanceenergywork@gmail.com with any details you wish to include.
  • Both witnessing and transformation are included in this process.
  • It is possible to feel the movement of subtle energies during and after the time of the healing session.
  • Profound work at every level of the body by your own God Presence, supported by Divine Intelligence results in concrete improvement in DNA, past lives, Chakras, environment, relationships and much more.
  • You will receive an email letting you know the dates of your sessions. Unfortunately, due to the number of individuals involved in each daily group session, it is not practical for Dorothy to give individual feedback on what happens during these sessions.

Five Energy Work Group Sessions: $60.00

Ten Energy Work Group Sessions: $100.00

Twenty Energy Work Group Sessions: $180.00

Thirty Energy Work Group Sessions: $240.00

Forty Energy Work Group Sessions: $290.00

Please order Distance Energy Work Group Sessions using our Online Order Form.  

A series of sessions will be conducted each weekday, Monday through Friday, until completed. If you prefer the sessions scheduled otherwise, please let me know.

A series of sessions may be split between more than one person. For example, a series of ten sessions could be split between two different people for five sessions each. You may specify whether you want these sessions to be conducted on the same days or whether you want the second person’s series to start after the first person’s series has finished.

What Happens During A Distance Energy Work Session?

Dorothy: The sessions always start with a prayer of gratitude. This reminds me that I am not the healer. I am only the witness to the transformations which are about to occur and which are orchestrated by the presence of God in each person and carried out with the aid of healing angels and other celestial beings of the subtle realms.

The process of giving gratitude opens a channel of light energy in my being which flows from the source of life to all the people on the list. At least two Ascended Masters are with me at all times during the sessions. However, hundreds of angels and other divine beings participate in this process.

When I began doing Distance Energy Work sessions, the light beings showed me how to rarefy my own light field to be like a crystal or fractal, which has no blockages to the light of the Divine. This orderly condition allows the flow of grace to move unrestricted from the Mother of creation to everyone. Read more.

Video – Orientation to Remote Healing Sessions