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Healing Physical Space Through Energy Work

Places can experience good or poor health, just as people do. Places can get infected with molds and other unhealthy microbes. Locations can become depressed. Physical locations can also hold heavenly light. Gardeners are especially good at creating spaces with very special feelings. 

Past impressions often contribute to the energetic structure of a particular location. Sometimes these impressions are left by experiences of people in that area, but any type of life form can leave an impression, even non-material life forms.

These impressions reside as living presences in a location until the energy required to initiate evolutionary transformation is introduced. As humans, our consciousness is endowed with the ability to traverse an amazingly broad spectrum of energy realms. Intuition allows almost everyone to sense the feelings and impressions which reside in a particular location.

In the same way that a gardener creates sacred or holy energy in a space, it is possible to uplift the energies inside of a house. One way to do this is by incorporating proportions and space relationships which intelligently and precisely reflect Natural law. There is an ancient science of construction called Sthapatya Veda which presents the principles of proportion and position in accord with Natures construction.

However, even if a home or work space has not been constructed according to these principles, it is possible to uplift the energy frequencies in that location through consciousness alone. Just as with energy healing for the human body, conscious direction of intention can help promote life-supporting improvements for a location.

Our relationship with our Mother Earth is much more intimate than many realize. This intimacy often reveals itself during the energy healing process, when healing Earth’s body becomes necessary in order to heal a human body. A man I know had a heart issue. Upon inspection there was an ancestral connection which took us to the land of Tyrol in Northern Italy. An event occurred there many generations back which left deep grief both in the family line and in the Earth itself. So, to heal the man’s heart, both the location and the ancestral impressions were dissolved from the system. His body received the healing on both a localized level of flesh and bones and on a non-localized level of the greater body of our world. 

When a healing extends to the environment and other people, it really moves a lot of karma. The moving of karma communicates a foundational change to the body, thus releasing it from the grip of symptoms and discord.  
I offer locational healings for all types of dwellings: Space Clearing. These remote healings include a deep energy cleansing for the location and ten remote healing sessions for the people inhabiting that space. These healings cover as many bases as possible. 
Action steps during these locational clearings include working with the devic energies in the area to uplift and nourish them. Negativity often takes the form of chaotic or entropic energy patterns in an area. Usually the antidote is re-establishing order. 
When a space is suffering, it can result in distress for the people living or working there. Because distress is an internal experience one might not think that the house or environment is responsible. The easiest way to determine that is to compare how you feel at the location and how you feel elsewhere.

If you always feel uneasy in a particular place, this could be caused either by the location itself or other people who also reside there. It is good to clearly define the source of the discord before starting to work energetically. It could happen that the soul of a location is providing a soothing effect while the inhabitants are creating discord or vice versa.

The environment is really the larger self. The good thing about dealing with a problem at an environmental level is that one can bring an individual perspective to bear on the reality. When we do that, we can provide the balance required to restructure the feeling at the location from heaviness and density to Divine Balance.

Love and gratitude,