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Energy Healing Webinars by Dorothy Rowe: Health, Relationships, and Manifestation

energy healing webinars

Dorothy holds live energy healing webinars on health, relationship and manifestation about every three weeks. The cost is $25 for one webinar or $140 for a six-month subscription of eight webinars. These 1 hr 15 minute live online seminars use the state-of-the art Zoom videoconferencing platform. Dorothy’s energy healing webinars include personal healings and energetic transformations for participants, along with … Read more

Healing Physical Space Through Energy Work

Places can experience good or poor health, just as people do. Places can get infected with molds and other unhealthy microbes. Locations can become depressed. Physical locations can also hold heavenly light. Gardeners are especially good at creating spaces with very special feelings.  Past impressions often contribute to the energetic structure of a particular location. Sometimes … Read more