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Subtle Realms of Creation: Energy Signatures from Dark to Light

Subtle Realms of Creation

Subtle realms of creation, of existence, manifest from the Source of all creation. The Mother of Creation oversees these subtle realms in one single, great, overarching reality. Furthermore, this field of reality is divided and subdivided to the tiniest of spaces. Remarkably, each level of division has specific structures of intelligence administering to them .

Sacred Gardens of the Heart is an example of a rather small subtle realm. And uniquely, in the sacred gardens your relationships with others is the local administrator of that space.

Energy Signatures that Make Up the Dark and the Light

There is a continuum of energy signatures in these subtle realms that extend from the very dark and hellish to the very light and heavenly. To be sure, as beings we all reside in these fields of experience. Not surprisingly, each soul is naturally attracted to the realms which resonate best with its internal patterning. And where in the continuum of the subtle energy bodies is this internal patterning found? The causal through mental levels of the being.

The causal through mental levels act like a filter between the Source of Creation, which is everything in its potential form, to the point of experience of the present moment, which is specific.

Although the nature of each person’s filtration system is based primarily upon the beliefs which each hold, they are also based on habits and patterns of thinking. When the inner landscape orients toward want, lack and desperation, the soul will naturally attract toward darker realms. When the inner landscape orients toward creation, expansion, devotion and progress, then the finer, brighter worlds open for exploration.

The Sensitivity of the Astral Body and Auric Field

The astral body and auric field are especially sensitive to the relationship between the body and the subtle realms of creation. They function as receptors, connectors and transmitters of universal information to and from the subtle realms of creation. The astral body and auric field work discriminately to help maintain a healthy relationship between the individual, the surrounding universe and the Source of Creation.

Use Energy Healing to Aligning the Divine Realms

Energy healing focuses on strengthening the capacity to maintain alignment with the more divine realms of creation while retaining the capacity to travel the spectrum without hindrance.

It follows then that a fundamental key to effective energy work in the area of subtle realms is in creating balance. And why is that? Because all the realms reside at every point in the web of life. The dark and light are folded up with each other. They churn out the energy which allows our universe to manifest.

Above all, facility with the whole range of existence is required for success in the human condition. The role of balance is to support a stable connection to Divine Being. And in creating balance, we create a platform for the expansion of consciousness to embrace Totality.


Subtle Realms, Simultaneous Parallel Universes, and Dimensions

(Estimated viewing time: 1:16:56 hours)

Activation for Perception of Subtle Realms

(Estimated viewing time: 34:11 minutes)

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