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Healing Back Pain

Self Healing Practice for the Back – Healing Back Pain

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Our backs are amazing! The back is the scaffolding upon which the whole body rides. Because of this role, there is a harmonious correlation between the complex system of the back and the astral body. Healing back pain can be facilitated energetically.

Just as the back is the  scaffolding for the body, so the astral body manifests scaffolding for the field of consciousness. We find this in the form of Values – our belief systems, correlations, formulas and collective connections.

These values are also related to the function of the back. For instance, the upper back supports the arms and hands which allow us to manipulate our world. So, the shoulders and upper back are the foundation upon which we connect and create in the relative field. We hold the sense of responsibility for our capabilities in the upper back and shoulders.

The lower back has a dual purpose. It supports the weight of the torso, and is the point of origin for locomotion. From this position, it is natural to find ancestral connections in the lower back. The ancestors are the foundation upon which the current life rides. Additionally, past family achievements are a point of reference for progress into the future. The role of legs and feet to carry us forward is intimately connected to the progress we make in a lifetime. There is a separate blog for healing the hips.

The back also houses our vertebral column which is our central communication network, connecting our brain with the rest of the body. If you take a quick scan of your body, you will notice a deep concentration of consciousness in the spine. There is so much more awareness or consciousness there than in any other part of the body. Yogananda referred to the spine as the ‘seat of God’ in the body.

However, the problem with the back is that we can’t see it. This means that it is a perfect place to store or hide discomfort, unprocessed emotions, and challenges which seem overwhelming.

Healing Back Pain – Hidden Problems from Way Back

Why would we want to hide something?

Sometimes memories or experiences are very painful, and it would be too hard to maintain day-to-day activity while burdened by painful memories from the past. Sometimes there are lessons which need to wait until we are ready to address them.

In my practice, I have often found future lessons stored in the back. Sometimes very abstract information is hidden there.

Regardless of ‘why’ we hide stuff from ourselves, back pain always indicates that the time is right for addressing old issues. When the back hurts, it means that you are ready to take an honest look at yourself.

How do we access this hidden information? Attention is the key. Here is a protocol for healing back pain:

  • Close the eyes, settle the mind. If you can settle to Absolute Silence, this is best. If not, just settle as much as you easily can.
  • Put attention on the area which hurts.
  • If you would like to put your hands on the front of the body, across from the sore area this is also helpful. https://www.distanceenergywork.com/knowledge-base/hand-chakras/
  • Ask your Divine Self, your inner wisdom, what the back is trying to tell you.
  • The answer will usually come as a feeling, a vision or a subtle impression.
  • Send gratitude to your Divine Self and ask again if you wish more clarification.
  • When you have a sense of the reason for the pain, of the feeling or emotion behind the pain, then use the healing algorithm to clear the imbalance.

Always, healing back pain is a practice of deepening self-understanding. The joy of healing the back is in discovering the hidden truth, the big truth of who we really are. The broader perspective afforded by back healing brings us closer to Divine self-truth.

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