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Healing for the Hips

It is not surprising that an ever increasing number people need healing for the hips. We spend more time sitting at desks than our ancestors did. Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for one’s health, especially for the back and hips. (See healing back pain here.)

If you are in an occupation that requires a lot of sitting, or have a habit of sitting for long periods at a desk, make a point of getting up from sitting position at least once every 30-45 minutes whenever possible.

Healing for the Hips: Advanced Hand Chakra Energy Healing

Below is a wonderful energy healing protocol for healing the hips that you can do by yourself. 

Step One:

Start by using the hand chakra. (See the article: How to Use Your Hands to Heal, or the video below.)

I suggest you do this exercise while lying down—with plenty of pillows to prop up your elbows and hands—so that holding your hand in place is completely effortless.

As an option, you can envision a flower of life matrix in the palm of the hand. Using the flower of life matrix supports a more concentrated, purified, orderly flow of light medicine through the hand chakra. (See Energy Healing Matrices for a more in-depth understanding of the flower of life matrix.)  

Step Two:

Next, select the name of the āgama associated with the particular joint1[1] (right or left) that requires healing. Note: The letter “a” with a line above it is pronounced longer—sounds like ‘awe’.

Left hip – Suprabhedāgama  

Right hip – Amshumānāgama  

Left sacroiliac – Nihshvāsāgama

Right sacroiliac – Vijayāgama

Step Three:

While the hand is on the joint in question, let the name of the āgama associated with that joint rest in the mind. My experience is that without the name of the āgama, the energy moves as a radiance into the joint. However, with the use of the name of the āgama, there are all sorts of pulsations of energy between the hand and the joint. These pulsations are the verses of the Vedic literature associated with that āgama, which are flowing into the joint. They are the blueprint of the ideal structure for the hip joint, in the state of perfect health. And as such, promote quicker healing of the hips.

Do this daily until the hip is healed completely.

1[1] Nadar, T. (Fourth Edition, 2000). Human Physiology: Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature. Fairfield, IA: Maharishi Press, pp. 195.  

Additionally, one can massage with Mahanarayan oil, but the best therapy comes from the combination of the hand chakra with the āgama. Although this hand chakras energy work for healing the hips is advanced energy healing, it can easily be done by almost anyone. All it takes is attention to the special words noted above, and the process flows automatically.

For more information about joints and energy healing, please see this article.

Enjoy the healing!


Healing with the Hands

(Estimated viewing time: 10:36 minutes)

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