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Energy Healing Matrices: The Body’s Scaffolding

Energy Healing Matrices

What is an Energy Healing Matrix?

Energy healing matrices are sacred geometrical structures that are comprised of threads of consciousness. Consciousness appears as threads, streams, or channels at the astral level of creation. Within the web of life (another name for the astral plane) threads or meridians of consciousness pervade every particle of creation. Moreover, the patterns or order of these threads is based upon something akin to gravity. Some beings or areas attract more life force than others, and the result is a higher concentration of particular thicknesses of threads in some areas than others.

Matrices are energy healing tools that organize these threads of awareness into sacred geometrical patterns. They become symmetrical, highly compact, and often fractaline in nature.

A matrix has two parts: threads and nodes. We’ve just discussed threads. What are nodes? Nodes are little packages of wholeness and each one contains a spectrum of expression from unmanifest to manifest. Furthermore, each node relates to the other nodes in the matrix in a synergistic manner. The nodes within a particular matrix will interrelate giving rise to the overarching effect of that particular matrix.

All matrices are naturally stable, due to their symmetry. They can be placed at any location or dimension of the body or energy system. A matrix is placed by directing attention to a location, with the intention to establish the matrix. The healing intelligence inherent within the body knows how to establish matrices through the combination of attention and intention. Matrices will stay where they are placed as long as the body needs them, and dissolve when no longer required by the evolutionary process.

Where are energy healing matrices found?

Energy matrices are formed at the astral level of the body. The astral body is the most manifest, yet still a collective level of oneself. The astral field is home to the great web of life—an energy structure that connects all things in creation. Threads or channels of energy flow within and outside of our bodies. Inside we call them meridians or nadis. Outside they appear as Nagas or energy channels that connect all things.

Energy matrices organize these streams of consciousness into orderly patterns. They interweave in symmetrical, multi-dimensional, geometrical patterns.   

All light medicines are examples of energy healing forms originating from the causal level of the body. When these light medicines are perceived at the denser astral level of the body they appear as the energy of vibration in the threads. Light medicines are particularly inclined to settle into the nodes where the threads of consciousness overlap. The nodes can hold a range of frequencies for any particular light medicine.

Light medicines, such as Pure Compassion, can range from compassion for a specific area of the body to compassion for the Mother of the Universe herself. It can range from a specified and delicate impulse of consciousness to a fierce flow that embraces all life in its path.

The full range of complementary opposites can occupy a particular node, thus creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Light medicines in their subtlest, the causal form, require continued application. Whereas, they become highly stable and only need to be placed once when integrated into a matrix. A matrix will stay in the body as long as it is needed and supportive of the body’s evolutionary process.

How many matrices are there?

There are many different types of matrices, some with very few nodes and some with tens of thousands. The energy forms in the nodes of a matrix are always interrelated and interacting synergistically. Not only is wholeness present in each individual node, but the nodes themselves work together in the matrix in complementary pairs.

Balanced energy frequencies throughout the matrix are responsible for the subtle, yet powerful production of energy which makes each matrix a great frequency resonator. Think of the nodes as members of a family or community working together to create an overall effect which is greater than the sum of its parts.

In my work, I have not found an end to the numbers of matrices. Some are standard, such as the Flower of Life matrix pictured below. And I have seen the God presence in clients create custom matrices to suit specific needs.

Some Standard Matrices:

  • Flower of Life – 64 points
  • 32 point matrix
  • Love matrix
  • Truth matrix
  • Wealth matrix
  • Aroma matrix
  • Mantra matrix
  • Herbal matrix
  • Crystal matrix
  • Christ matrix
  • Dragon matrix
  • 112 point matrix – Shiva matrix

So where do energy healing matrices fit into this picture?

Matrices are both divine and holographic in nature. Matrices can be especially useful when an old habit or long-held imbalance to which the body has grown accustomed is dissolved and the energy of Being needs some time to establish balance and wholeness in that area without back sliding. The matrix will sit, anchored in the Silence of Being, and hold space in the body for a new way of functioning.

Matrices are optimal structures through which the body’s healing intelligence can flow without hindrance. Generally speaking, causal body forms love order. When a matrix is present in any part of the body, it facilitates the application of healing resource to that area.

When healing with the hands, it is useful to energetically place the Flower of Life matrix over the palm of the hand prior to activating the flow of healing energy. This matrix in the palm supports graceful purification of imbalances, regulates balanced energy flow, while also magnifying the effects of the healing.

If you are practicing using your hands to heal, consider using a flower of life matrix, in the palms, to enhance the power of your healing. This video describes healing with the hands.

Energy Healing Matrices, then, help dissolve imbalances and re-establish balance in the body. Using an energy healing matrix structure is a first-class way of activating healing in the body by making use of the body’s healing flow of intelligence.


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