Nagas: Ancient Beings, Our Body Devatas

Nagas—Ancient Beings, Our Body Devatas

Nagas are ancient beings which live in all parts of the universe. Like bacteria, they  live within the human body. The Nagas are our body Devas. They are much, much older than the body itself, and yet they are not at all isolated to existence only within the physical form.

For the nervous system and digestive system, the devatas are nagas—snake-like beings.

In Energy Healing we can locate the sacred inner space where we as humans, as individuals, find common ground with these ancient, holy supporters of the life in our bodies. This causal space has a very natural feel to it.

Nagas are the living force of the channels of energy which run through our bodies. They connect chakras, marmas and nodes, keeping us alive. They are the very life force within the meridians and nadis.


Our Relationship with the Nagas

We have a relationship with Nagas similar to the relationship which we have to our gut bacteria. They live with us, within us, and cannot be separated without detriment to our bodies and to them. They are highly dependent upon us to be the sacred space in which they reside.

If a person chooses to live a very impure level of existence, then the life force within the body, the devas/nagas, must reside in darkness along with the indwelling human soul. If a person chooses to live a very pure level of existence, then the life force within the body, the devas/nagas, can reside in light along with the indwelling human soul.


Nagas as Perfect Balance

Long, long ago, the Nagas found the state of perfect inner balance. They became so adapted to living in absolute balance that their bodies are like anchors to the Absolute field of Divine Being.

With the state of perfect balance is also the ability to embrace the entire range of experience. Their experience is beyond the extremes of suffering or delight. So, even if we are osculating from one end of the x axis, the range from hell to heaven, they are with us, always centered.

Health of the body and body systems are deeply dependent upon this devic intelligence which maintains connection to Divine Source.


Nagas as Natural Liaisons between the Human Experience and Divine Being

The Nagas, living Wholeness, are natural liaisons between the human experience and the field of Divine Being. Think of them as functions of Self, as manifestations of ourself. They remain abstract in order to fulfill a specified role in creation. However, the Nagas are as much a part of the human condition as any other aspect of oneself, while also having evolved to be more realized than humans. As such, they are both the keepers of order, the keepers of Natural Law and at the same time masters of chaos.

Through Energy Work we can come to an awakening  of specific information regarding the relationship between the Dense Levels of the body—the physical, etheric, mental and emotional levels—and these body devas. This relationship resides in a sacred space of self. This relationship enriches your Sacred Inner Sanctum. It makes the relationship with oneself more earthy in a way. It supports acceptance of all sorts of possibilities for growth and evolution.

The two strokes of the Divine Dialogue are married in the place where the Nagas reside within. They wield tremendous power. Their power is your power when the level of self-acceptance extends to the level of Self where you are all that you have been and all that you will be.

Offered below is a Healing for the Nagas in the Body:

  • This healing is activated as you read it because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time.
  • Even though Dorothy performs the healing at one time, anyone from that time forward can benefit from that healing.
  • Additionally, the healings become more powerful over time as more and more people participate.
  • Also, the same person, coming back more than once to the same healing, will receive ever deepening layers of benefit from the healings.

Enjoy the Healing Here!

Added Video Bonus—Nagas, Energy Healing and the Web of Life

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