Divine Being: All That Is and Ever Could Be

Divine Being—Source, Course and Goal of All Life

Divine Being is the Source of Creation as it exists both within us as individuals and within the entire creation. It is Divine because it is absolutely beneficent. Also, because its Nature is unmanifest, it is unbounded, silent, eternal and unchanging.

At the point where manifestation of the creation begins, we see opposite values emerging. Then it is possible to have negative and positive. However, within the field of the Source of Creation absolute positivity is the reality.

It is Being because it exists. It is existence, knowingness, fullness, Totality. This divine nature of Being is the fundamental reality of everything and everyone in creation.

Divine Being is actually present in every particle of creation. All of this manifest reality is the vehicle for Divine Being to know itself, with every expanding understanding. The universe is ever expanding, Divine Being is already everything that ever was and everything that ever will be. So, by nature it is unchanging.

However, in order for the Source of Creation to experience everything, it also has to experience the world of change. Therefore it manifests in the field of change as the life which we know. Being can therefore silently be everything and at the same time experience learning, growing and the unexpected. This way nothing is left unexperienced.

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