Digestion and the Digestive System: Processing Experience

Digestion and the Digestive System—Processing Experience Digestion represents the ability to process experience. The foods we eat are Nature’s experience packaged as intelligence. The conversion of sunlight into energy expresses the supreme elegance of the manifesting process. When we eat, plant or animals products, doesn’t matter, we are essentially benefiting from the original conversion of sunlight into … Read more

Digestive Mastery Protocol: Loving Your Microbiome for Better Health

Digestive Mastery Protocol The Digestive Mastery Protocol is a simple but effective plan which you can use to improve your digestion.   Some Background: The Digestive System and Nervous System In the earliest stages of embryonic development, the digestive system and the nervous system form as parallel tubes. In our developed bodies, they interact by a system of … Read more

Discriminating Choices: Decisions With an Unclear Path

Discriminating Choices: Making Decisions When The Path Is Not Clear We all want to be good at making wise discriminating choices and making good decisions. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “How to I know what to do when my path is not clear? How can I make the right decision?” It’s a good question, … Read more

Divine Being: All That Is and Ever Could Be

Divine Being: All That Is and Ever Could Be

Divine Being—Source, Course and Goal of All Life Divine Being is the Source of Creation as it exists both within us as individuals and within the entire creation. It is Divine because it is absolutely beneficent. Also, because its Nature is unmanifest, it is unbounded, silent, eternal and unchanging. At the point where manifestation of … Read more

Divine Dialogue: the Process of Energy Healing

Divine Dialogue---the Hero's Journey, the Process of Transformation

Divine Dialogue—the Hero’s Journey, the Process of Transformation The Divine Dialogue is the cycle of creative expression. It is the inward and outward strokes of the expression of Divine Being. Sometimes I refer to this vital process as the hero’s journey. Because it is a process of transformation, basic to progress at every level of … Read more