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Digestion and the Digestive System: Processing Experience

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

Digestion and the Digestive System – A Processing Experience

General points:

  • Sunlight’s conversion into energy expresses the supreme elegance of Nature’s manifesting process.
  • The foods we eat are Nature’s experience packaged as units of intelligence.
  • Digestion represents our ability to process experiences.

Food is converted sunlight

When we eat – doesn’t matter whether plant or animal products – we are essentially benefiting from the original conversion of sunlight into energy. Photosynthesis is a delightfully concise encodement of the Divine Dialogue. For those new to the term Divine Dialogue, this is how I describe the unmanifest consciousness folding into its own nature in order to evolve as manifested form. The mechanics of all transformations are contained in this process – including the transformation carried out by photosynthesis.

Packages of Intelligence

Photons play a vital role in the plant’s energy production. They are actually ancient expressions of cosmic information. For example, they communicate with an apple tree in the universal language of perception and experience. And an apple represents a compacted version of the tree’s experience over the course of a single season. By eating the apple, we add the tree’s experience of the Universe to our own. Consequently, we are expanding our own perception of the ebb and flow of cosmic reality.

Processing Experiences

So food starts as neat packages of cosmic reality. Then digestion breaks it down into ever smaller pieces. The process through which food travels in the body is linked intimately to the functions of the Maha Marmas(See below) This process represents the ability to process experience. And the process also correlates with the Hero’s Journey. The archetypal Hero’s story transcends the boundaries of culture, age, and time. Thus, it gives expression to the Divine Dialogue in a way that even the very young can understand easily.

The Hero’s Journey Correlated with the Process of Digestion

Stage One: (Intake)

  • We start the hero’s journey with the hero at home, comfortable, enjoying a bright future ahead of him/her. (This represents food before it enters the body.)
  • Then the hero is cast out of his/her happy home and finds themself in unknown territory, becoming hyper alert in order to interpret the new situation. (This point in the story correlates with the mouth, which is hyper sensitive.)
  • Soon afterwards, the vision of the journey gets revealed to the hero. (This step correlates with the passage of food through the throat. Here two important organs reside: vocal cords and the thyroid. So the first organ is the vocal mechanism – the origin of speech. (Speech creates order from chaos – precisely what we need when starting a journey into the ‘unknown.’) The second organ is the thyroid. It monitors our digestive system, and provides support in the form of digestive hormones.)

Stage Two: (Digestive process)

  • Next, the hero makes contact with an ally who offers deeper understanding of the situation. This wisdom leads to power. (As food passes through the esophagus it also passes through the heart center of the body – the home of understanding for the whole body.)
  • The hero then usually receives an empowering magic object. (Gifts of magic correspond to digestive enzymes, hormones, and digestive juices. They represent the power of the digestive process.)
  • Every step of the journey involves the hero letting go of previous conceptions of him/herself. The journey strips away all superficialities until the hero remains alone with his/her essential self. (In the gut, food gets stripped apart and essential nutrients kept.) Good digestion produces soma, which nourishes the entire physiology.

Final Stage: (Nutrient and waste dispersal)

  • Finally, the hero arrives alone at the ‘gate’ of transition. A monster of some kind, usually a dragon, protects this portal. Thus, the hero must face and overcome the challenge. And after doing so, usually achieves great wealth and hero status. (The intestines resemble a snake. Nutrients pass from the small intestine into the circulatory system, and waste passes out the large intestine.) For a video healing of IBS, please visit my Irritable Bowel Syndrome article.

The Maha Marmas

The Shiro Maha Marma (located in the head, orients awareness toward the environment)

The first experience of food is that it is something separate from oneself, something coming from the environment. Initially, our body experiences food as something separate from itself – an expression of something unknown. Mouths must deal with the unknown, and this can elicit a fear response. The bliss of eating, however, helps cultivate the ability to embrace the unknown as a vehicle for growth.

The Hridaya Maha Marma (located in the chest, balances inner and outer reality)

Food breaks down through chemical processes in the upper digestive tract by interacting with hormones and enzymes. Hormones and enzymes are the body’s self-communicators. Furthermore, in the upper digestive tract, there is an exchange of feeling with the food. Most people can still feel food in the stomach for instance. Our initial and conscious reactions to life experience are expressed at this level of the digestive process.

The Basti Maha Marma (located in the lower abdomen, integrates outer and inner reality)

The gut is sometimes called the Second Brain. And the function of the gut is to process abstract awareness. That’s because this is the area of our body where we interface individuality with collective reality. To clarify, think of gut feelings, another term for intuition. In the gut is where food becomes so fine – molecules and atoms – that it transforms from being experienced as separate from the body to being of the body.

Significance of the Process of Digestion

The significance of the transformation that takes place in the gut cannot be overstated. This is because every time we digest food, we participate in a process of integrating universal intelligence with individual intelligence.

The average person consumes about 100 bites of food a day. So in 80 years, one takes nearly three million bites of food. Thus, whether a person is dedicated to the spiritual pursuit of becoming one with the Whole of Creation or not, simply living in a human body ensures participation in an exercise of connecting individuality with universality.

Correspondingly, direct experience in life follows this same pattern. At every moment, the whole Universe presents itself for our examination. The mind analyses and synthesizes experience into small, understandable segments. And then the mind keeps what it deems useful and eliminates the rest.

Digestion Represents our Ability to Process Experience

Digestive problems indicate we are having trouble metabolizing life experience in some way. And it is almost always due to beliefs that disallow proper understanding and handling of challenges. In addition, the afflicted part of the digestive system correlates with the area of life where exists a problem in understanding or integrating experiences.

For instance, if a person’s mouth, throat, thyroid, or esophagus is afflicted, this indicates a problem in the acceptance of life experiences. Another example is if the liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas, or duodenum become afflicted, this indicates problems understanding emotional content. And finally, if the gut becomes afflicted, it indicates a problem with the interface between individuality and universality.

Energy Healing to Culture Digestion

These connections are general starting points. However, each person’s situation is unique because specific situations and circumstances always apply. Through energy healing, we can address underlying beliefs, discordant feelings, habits, and karma. Doing so brings balance to the digestive process, improves our prana–our vital force, as well as stabilizes a healthy relationship with food.

Lastly, enjoy the free healing videos below and the exercises you can do at home.


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