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Cycle of Evolution: Divine Dialogue

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

The Cycle of Evolution eternally spins the universes into being. The term Divine Dialogue refers to the inward and outward strokes of this cycle that oscillate between the Source of creation and the manifest field of expression. If we look at the landscape of this cycle we see the archetypal Hero’s Journey defined as well. Evolution through transformation is basic to all created things and is naturally fundamental to the energy healing process.

This description of the laws of Nature that shape the Cycle of Evolution comes in part from Vedic Philosophy. This is the story of the One appearing as many then through its self referral dynamics transforming itself and returning home.

The Landscape of the Cycle of Evolution

The Law of Self Recognition

The cycle begins when the one eternal Source of creation internally warms up in preparation to become everything. Nothing has manifested yet. There is the tiniest shift from full resting, silent, amness to the state of recognizing the presence of infinite potential.

The One knows itself as knowingness. This self reflection forms the basis of expression. It starts a profoundly fine oscillation between One as 1 and One as 3: knower, known, and process of knowing. Interestingly this makes four values, the Wholeness and the three parts of the Wholeness. Like a hall of mirrors, this process tells the story of Inifinity.

The Law of Separation

The One and the three create relationships through reflection that become increasingly complex. Reflection becomes dynamic, leading to the definition of differences. These differences form the seeds of Divine Intention. These seeds grow into the form of the phenomenal world.

Each seed allows the one story of evolution to emerge in different forms.

The Law of Expansion

The initial breaking of the super symmetry of One into three elaborates upon itself as the intention to evolve. The Source of creation is full. It expands in waves of desire to create expressions of fullness in the material field.

The period of expansion is marked by the three values of knower, known, and process of knowing reflecting each other with ever increasing complexity.

The expansion is complete when manifest form overshadows awareness of the Source of creation. It is the presence of Divine Source that continually fuels further expression of its intention. At some point the manifestation is so developed, so magnificent that the senses of perception and the mind loose connection with Wholeness in favor of being lost in its material expression. After all, Wholeness is qualitiless and does not grip the mind and senses. (To experience Wholeness we intentionally must seek it out.)

The Law of Reflection

When a form has reached its most complete state, the Source of creation reflects discriminantly upon the manifest form.

A question arises that leads to the birth of two new laws, the law of purification and the law of integration. The question is, “Does this manifest form really represent Wholeness?” The answer will always be, “Somewhat, but not completely.” Of course all forms represent Divine Being (Wholeness) because they are born of That. However, Divine Being (the Source of creation) is completely unmanifest, qualitiless, eternal, etc. Because all manifest forms are expressed within boundaries, they will never perfectly express the boundless, unmanifest Source.

The paradox of Eternal Being expressing itself as the epheremeral world continually drives the creation of the universe.

The Laws of Purification and Integration

These two laws work together like two sides of the same coin. Ideally, the aspects of this world that reflect Totality poorly are purified and the aspects that reflect the Truth of Totality are integrated. This ideal scerario is best served when the choice of what to release and what to keep is dictated by conscience. Conscience is the personal anchor to Divine Truth, to the will of God.

The Law of Refinement

The process of purification and integration starts at the material surface of life. However, human nature leads us to look deeper than the surface. As awareness explores deeper and deeper layers of reality, purification and integration exercise themselves at more and more abstract levels of expression. This process refines the material form. This is where the core work of evolution takes place.

The Law of Collapse

Eventually, the refinement affected by purification and integration lead understanding and perception back to the door of Absolute Being, the home of Absolute Refinement. Eventually, all things return to the Source from which they came. The Cycle of Evolution ensures that the fire of transformation refines every impulse of Divine intention that arises. The inital impulse of intention returns to the Source of creation a better expression of its true essential nature, than when it began.

The Law of Silence

If the journey has been well navigated, the form will return to the unmanifest ocean of Wholeness as a very clear, pure expression of Truth. This allows it to rest deeply in the Source of creation before emerging into the next cycle. This time of resting in Pure Silence is rejuvenating, nourishing, and life supporting in every way. It may not even be necessary for the initial intention to ever return to the field of manifestation again.

If the full potential of the evolutionary cycle was not reached, the form will come to the door of Inifinity with some corruption still present. This corruption disallows the time in the Silence of Being to be as deeply restful as possible. The next cycle will carry seeds of intention to do better. Many interesting stories evolve from this dynamic.

What is important is that the cycle of evolution redefines the Truth of every form to be as precise a reflection of Divine Intention as possible.

Energy Healing and the Cycle of Evolution

This redefinition represents the key to Energy Healing. The body falls ill when some area of life is falling short of its full potential. Full human potential is to live Divine intention through every impulse of experience. The Cycle of Evolution is designed to establish one’s Divine Potential from the first delicate intention for expression through the eventual collapse back to the Home of Bliss.

It is the direct experience of Divine Potential manifesting that causes the sense of self to evolve. As the Cycle of Evolution rolls through life in large and small loops, “Self” is redefined more and more in the image of Divine Being. Every time the sense of who we are evolves, all life supporting values of life expand and stabilize. This includes improving health, relationships, access to resources, and the ability to evolve itself. In short, energy healing expands your potential to heal beyond its current condition so that you can meet the healing process with more success.

The Hero’s Journey is the Interaction of Infinite Silence with Infinite Dynamism

Divine Dialog - the Hero's Journey

From seed to seed, from the ocean to the wave and the wave to the ocean, and from home to home, the Cycle of Evolution has been told endless times as the Hero’s Journey.

In every culture, in every epoch of time, the story of heroes who leave their home (order) and travel into the unknown (chaos), only to face their deepest fear (the dragon of chaos), and discover what they are really made of (their eternal nature), then to return home to discover that their rebirth has restructured the conception of home, in terms of its Divine Nature. This is the Divine Dialogue.

Every challenge which we face, every illness, every blow to the dream of fulfillment follows this path in some way or another. The beauty and brilliance of this process is that each step of the journey is a step of evolution of Being.

Over and over, we create ourselves in as close a perfect likeness to the Divine, only to break that creation down and recreate in an even better likeness. Each time, each stroke of the dialogue, brings us closer to perfection. This process neither ends, nor does it lose fascination. Divinity is telling this story to itself over and over, endlessly in every expression of the universe.

Our joy is to own the whole experience at every point.


The Nature of Consciousness and the Divine Dialogue

(Estimated viewing time: 33:28 minutes)


Offering a Healing for Divine Dialogue:

  • This healing is activated as you read it because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time.
  • Even though Dorothy performs the healing at one time, anyone from that time forward can benefit from that healing.
  • Additionally, the healing becomes more powerful over time as more and more people participate.
  • Also, the same person, coming back more than once to the same healing, will receive ever deepening layers of benefit from the healing.


  • Understanding the structure of the process of evolution and the energy healing process. 
  • Healing in terms of smoothing this process.
  • Purifying
  • Nourishing and supporting


Thank you to the Mother of the Universe for blessing this healing. Thank you to each participant for being the precious expression of the Source of All That Is. And thank you to the ancestors.

The process of evolution, the Divine dialogue, is a cyclic journey which starts from home and returns to home transformed. That transformation is a marriage of all that was blessed and useful from the past and all that was learned in the process of going through the transformation. In these sessions, we are going through mini versions of this transformation. Each report is a small loop which can be traversed in the hour and a half (or so) that it takes to do the healing. Because the nature of the whole creation is basically fractaline in nature, even one small, clearly understood conversation with the Divine can be extended to embrace infinity. This is what we are doing, one loop, one Divine dialogue at a time.

Within each point of the dialogue, there are self constructed boundaries and limitations, up for consideration. These are responsible for the accrual of stress, particularly in the causal through mental levels of the field of self. These stresses can cloud awareness as it traverses the inward and outward strokes of the dialogue, giving rise to uncertainty, confusion, and doubt. 


Releasing stresses of the past which have been accrued on the inward journey, from home to the point of greatest transition. Clearing attachments in the mental through physical bodies, to gaining knowledge exclusively from “outside” sources. This means, clearing excessive dependence on sensory information. Releasing attachment from the throat and head, chakras 5, 6, and 7, and the Sthapani mahamarma (big energy center in the head). Simultaneously clearing fear of looking within from the Basti mahamarma (the big energy center in the gut area) for 16 generations. In some cases many more. 


The inward journey is natural move away from the field of gross perception to the field of subtle perception. Washing fatigue from awareness. An energy medicine being offered by the Causal body to the senses of perception order to heal them from several angles. The main angle is purification. Restructuring neural pathways between the actual senses and sensory cortices of the brain. This is so they can work more efficiently and self monitor eliminating toxins and structural anomalies. In the sensory cortices, light medicine is communicating, flowing knowingness of the finest realms of creation. This results in some structural changes, including new neural connections that support finer awareness. The corpus callosum in particular is receiving a great flow of energy and bliss, increasing neural connections and purifying various blockages. There is also a flow of soma to the senses and through them to their corresponding areas of the brain. 

Clearing habits of anticipating the worst in situations. It is smart to be on the alert for danger, but it is dangerous to feed energy into problems by mentally escalating the negativity in situations through exaggeration. The habit of exaggeration goes back several generations and is connected to patterns of self abuse and abuse of others. It is clearing from the ancestral archive (molecular level) the verbal mechanism, prefrontal cortex, and heart chakra areas. Under that fear of not being fulfilled in life is clearing from the third, fourth, and fifth chakras. Under that, in the third chakra, clearing judgments and justifications for releasing anger onto others. It can be hard at first, but anger needs to be leveraged to eliminate non evolutionary situations from life. I have a blog about this. http://distanceenergywork.blogspot.com/2015/10/using-anger-as-tool-for-emotional.html


Protecting the flow of awareness from home to infinity by supporting recognition of infinity in every point of the journey. Balance activating at the collective level of Being. This balance is folding into the field of awareness all along its path to infinity and back to support equal value of both inner and outer means of gaining information. This is also creating a balance of energy in the body between the head and gut, with the heart as the epicenter of that balance. Stabilizing a truth matrix in the avenue of awareness, so that wherever awareness flows, purest truth dominates. A 64 point matrix (flower of life matrix) is over laying in the area between astral and emotional bodies. This helps create emotional evenness, and the ability to take in more information without feeling overwhelmed. This is so important for graceful evolution. 

Eliminating fear of confrontation from 18 generations of ancestors. This is the result of much work, strengthening and purifying the speech center. Collective body resonating with self trust. When you can trust yourself to offer truth (through speech) in a simple way, then it is a joy to present truth in the face of misunderstanding, misconception, false beliefs, or narrow vision. Compassion resonating at the collective level of being. With tenderest love, every impulse of intelligence which comes through the vocal mechanism is being infused with compassion, appreciation, and bliss. 

The voice is the tool to create Divine order from chaos. The hero’s journey from home to face his greatest fear is a move from order to chaos. Therefore the tool of speech is invaluable. Preparing and sharpening this tool provides a resource of inestimable value.

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