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Speech: Capturing the Spirit of Divine Intention

Using Speech to Capture the Spirit of Divine Intention

Never underestimate the power of your ability to speak truth. You know a thousand people, and they know a thousand people and so forth. Any one of us is just two people away from a million others. Thus, our speech, our every verbal expression is quite powerful.

On so many levels, speaking your truth consistently is a risk which ultimately grooms you to master verbal communication. When embracing opposing viewpoints from friends and family who are authentically speaking their truth, you stabilize your ability to communicate more accurately, more powerfully, more lovingly and more effectively.

Ultimately, the importance of constructing well crafted verbal expressions is to capture the spirit of Divine intention. This uplifts the listener (and yourself) with values supportive of their highest good.

Your Speech becomes the Cosmic Dance of Divinity Knowing its own Nature

Speech heals not just friends and family, but all living forms in the field of life. Animals, plants and minerals respond to the meaning behind speech.

When expressions are clear, then the meanings behind them are also clear. It is the meaning to which all beings recognize and respond. If your truth is not clear, then the chances of speaking it authentically are remote.

The ability to confidently know your truth is based upon energetic integration of the three energy centers in the body (mind, body and gut). Lovingly honoring, recognizing and balancing the life force in these three areas provides a simple, accessible means to sincerely understand the nature of one’s life expression.

Your life expression, your speech, your truth, is the cosmic dance of Divinity knowing its own nature. Therefore, the first step is just knowing. From knowing, the practice of finding words for that knowing delightfully expands the essential nature of Self. From there it is only a matter of time before your highest vision is realized.

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