Fungal Infections: Recognizing Negative Energy Resonation

Dealing with Fungal Infections—Recognizing the energy signature of the fungus invader and disabling its negative energies

Fungal infections, as with other Infections of various types, are connected to an inner experience of separation or incomplete integration between individuality and universality.

The “invaders” are understood in terms of Self when the self-integration is total, that is, when the inner experience of universality exists. In this situation, they respond to your personal intention rather than fighting against you.

The invader has a “personality” in the form of an energy resonation. This energy resonation is incomplete in that the fungus does not see itself in terms of Brahman, the Totality or Wholeness of life.

Fortunately, once you recognize the energy signature of the fungus, your awareness will provide an antidote in the form of a corresponding energy frequency which “completes” the energy frequency of the fungus. In other words, you change or disable the negative fungal energy resonation signature.

What can we do to disable the negative fungal infection energy? We can bring our nervous system up to 100% Pure Being. Balance is the key. The negativity is the fungus energy; the positivity is your healing energy.


What is the action step?

The action step is to position awareness directly between these two energies, thus creating balance. You establish personal identification with Being, rather than with the darkness or the light. We can create a transformation of healing when we get the darkness and the light to work together.


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