The Immune System and Energy Healing

The Immune System and Energy Healing

The immune system is fundamental to all the body systems involved in the healing process. Its health is basic to whole body health. When the immune system becomes ill, then all the other areas of the body are left vulnerable.

The feelings in the heart are important. They are intimately linked to the effective functioning of the immune system because the thymus gland, the immune system’s primary administrator, is located in the middle of the chest just a few inches below the base of the neck.

Its functioning is significantly influenced by heart energy because it sits so close to the energy center of the heart chakra. And considering that the physical heart creates an electromagnetic field which is so powerful that it affects the whole body, one can imagine the thymus, which is located only inches away from the heart, being ever touched by the heart’s power.

When exploring the energetic implications of any area of the body, we can use inference based upon that structure’s function. The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from invaders, as well as bringing resources to heal areas which experience physical damage.

So, when the immune system malfunctions, we are left with feelings of vulnerability, helplessness, and weakness. Exploring and addressing any areas of life or circumstances which give rise to these particular feelings will activate healing for the immune system.

Through energy healing, those negative feelings can be addressed directly. Sometimes just putting awareness on and acknowledging the feelings is sufficient to dissolve them from both the immune system and the organs affected by immune dysfunction.

Negative Beliefs and Energy Healing to Dissolve Discordant Feelings

If direct attention is not able to dissolve the discordant feelings, there are usually beliefs holding those feelings in place. These beliefs are locked into the body of being—beliefs of being unworthy, unlovable and not deserving peace and happiness may prevent us from dealing with problems. We may feel helpless, incapable and vulnerable.

Under this is often a deeply rooted belief that life is not meaningful unless there is some sort of drama present.

Requiring dramas to fuel a meaningful life indicates that a person has strayed from their life’s highest purpose. Ultimately, realignment with highest purpose, or dharma, is the key to remind the immune system that its original ability is to promote the whole body’s health.

Autoimmune Disorders and Energetic Upgrades for the Immune System

Autoimmune disorders are another important consideration when we’re looking the immune system.

Every living thing comes from the Source of creation. Some living things, such as people, manifest through subtle strata of creation all the way to the physical material level.

Other forms of life only manifest part of the way up the spectrum of density, not all the way to the fully manifest level. This is true for microbial life as well as the human scale of life.

I call these subtle-bodied invaders “ghost viruses.” They have a living presence, but not a physical presence in the body. When they are present in the body, the immune system can pick up on the presence of an invader and the body’s defenses will spring into action.

However, when the immune system sends the signal for a hystemic response, it doesn’t find physical bodies of microbes It finds only the body’s own flesh. So the body becomes subject to the attack instead, because it is the only physical form present. Sometimes this will continue as long as the ghost virus is present and signaling the immune system to activate.

The solution here is an energetic upgrade for the immune system. With an upgrade, the body becomes fully capable of discerning the difference between a physical virus and a ghost virus and creating a subtle immune response which will address the ghost virus effectively, leaving the material of the body unharmed.

This upgrade can be activated by energy work and takes place in the heart area of the physical body as well as in the astral body. The astral body is the first line of defense against invaders of all types. However, it is the heart which gently anchors the immune system to its highest purpose.

So we see that the immune system is fundamental to the healing process and a healthy immune system is basic to health of the entire body. Energy healing can provide us with an energy upgrade  to deal with autoimmune disorders. And creating and sustaining healthy feelings is an important part in immune system health.

Fortunately we can use energy healing to put awareness on and acknowledge the negative feelings to dissolve their ill effects. The key is to remind the immune system that its original ability is to promote the whole body’s health.

Healing for the Immune System

Healing for the Autoimmune System

Upgrade for Your Astral Body and Immune System

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