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The Neck: Connection with Life Circumstances

There can be several “beneath the scenes” reasons for experiencing neck discomfort.

Emotions, such as feeling overwhelmed and burdened by life experiences, often reside in the neck area.

The neck is also what connects the administrator (the brain) with the worker (the body). Therefore, any disconnection in our relationship with authorities is often reflected as a problem in the neck area.

Additionally, the bones represent the structuring element in the body. Without them we wouldn’t have shape. The skeletal system and its related organs—the discs—bring order, structure and security to the body. These are masculine or fatherly qualities.

Thus, when experiencing neck discomfort, it would be good to examine the relationship with one’s father and work out any inconsistencies there. This will also support healing.

Another related issue is being able to speak one’s truth. One of the big problems in worker/boss relationships is the open flow of communication.  In many work environments, underlings do not feel safe voicing their opinions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement. There is often a silent agreement that some people have the authority to speak up, while others don’t. (See the Throat Chakra article, and video for more information and healing in this regard.)

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