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Throat Chakra (Vishuddha): The Fifth Chakra

Throat Chakra: Expression, Motivation and Truth

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

The Throat Chakra Vishuddha, the fifth chakra, is located at the throat in the middle of the neck. The planet associated with this chakra is Mercury, the planet of communication. Hence this 5th chakra represents expression, such as creativity and communication. It is the center of the body blueprint.

Role of the Throat Chakra:

The throat chakra provides a passageway for energy that moves between the lower parts of the body and the head. You express yourself though your throat chakra – your motivation in life, your truth, your creativity. Although expressive creativity is down in the belly – at the second chakra, Svadhisthana – that energy rises upwards. As creativity rises, it becomes modified by the solar plexus (capabilities) and theRole of the heart (sweetness). Then it moves into the throat and this is the area where expression expands.

The energy coming into this area of the physiology is the energy of discrimination. There’s an intelligence here that both creates and specifies boundaries. We use the energy of this chakra to experience the diversity of the creation. Furthermore, we can improve our ability to accept, appreciate, value and adore all the differences and boundaries in creation by stabilizing a higher level of intelligence in the throat chakra.

On the flip side

Many people hold guilt in this area. That is to say, they swallow back guilt. Doubt, conflict and confusion can also be held in this area. This is because the throat chakra is associated with confidence – being able to feel confident in expressing oneself without producing effects which are undesirable. We need to clear attachments to any kind of specific response or reply to our actions or expressions.

How do we clear attachments? How can we heal? See how Dorothy describes Energy Work as a form of transformational healing.

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Offered below is a Healing for Facing Your Greatest Fears


  • Understanding the structure of the process of evolution and the energy healing process. 
  • Healing in terms of smoothing this process.
  • Purifying
  • Nourishing and supporting


The process of evolution, the Divine dialogue is a cyclic journey which starts from home and returns to home transformed. That transformation is a marriage of all that was blessed and useful from the past and all that was learned in the process of going through the transformation. In these sessions, we are going through mini versions of this transformation. Each report is a small loop which can be traversed in the hour and a half (or so) that it takes to do the healing. Because the nature of the whole creation is basically fractaline in nature, even one small, clearly understood conversation with the Divine can be extended to embrace infinity.

This is what we are doing, one loop, one Divine dialogue at a time. Within each point of the dialogue, there are self constructed boundaries and limitations up for consideration. These are responsible for the accrual of stress, particularly in the causal through mental levels of the field of self. Furthermore, these stresses can cloud awareness as it traverses the inward and outward strokes of the dialogue, giving rise to uncertainty, confusion, and doubt. 

Clearing stresses

Removing stresses of the past which have been accrued on the inward journey, from home to the point of greatest transition. Clearing attachments in the mental through physical bodies, to gaining knowledge exclusively from “outside” sources. This means, clearing excessive dependence on sensory information. Clearing attachment from the throat and head, chakras 5, 6, and 7, and the Sthapani mahamarma (big energy center in the head). Simultaneously clearing fear of looking within from the Basti mahamarma (big energy center in the gut area) for 16 generations. In some cases many more. 


The inward journey is naturally a move away from the field of gross perception to the field of subtle perception. Washing fatigue from the avenue of awareness. The causal body is offering an energy medicine to the senses of perception to heal them from several angles. The main angle is purification.

Restructuring neural pathways between the actual senses and the sensory cortices of the brain, to work more efficiently and to self monitor to efficiently eliminating toxins and structural anomalies. In the sensory cortices, the light medicine is communicating, flowing knowingness, of the finest realms of creation. This is also resulting in some structural changes, including new neural connections which support finer awareness. The corpus callosum* in particular is also receiving a great flow of energy and bliss, increasing neural connections and purifying blockages of various kinds. And there seems to be a flow of soma to the senses of perception, and through them to their corresponding areas of the brain. 

*The corpus callosum is a large, C-shaped nerve fiber bundle found beneath the cerebral cortex.

Clearing fearful thinking habits

Clearing habits of anticipating the worst in situations. It is smart to be on the alert for danger, but it is dangerous to feed energy into problems by mentally escalating the negativity in situations through exaggeration. The habit of exaggeration goes back several generations and is connected to patterns of self abuse and abuse of others. It is clearing from the ancestral archive (molecular level) the verbal mechanism, prefrontal cortex, and heart chakra areas. Under that fear of not being fulfilled in life is clearing from the third, fourth, and fifth chakras. Under that, in the third chakra, clearing judgments and justifications for releasing anger onto others. It can be hard at first, but anger needs to be leveraged to eliminate non evolutionary situations from life. (See: Hot and Cold Anger.)

Protecting and Balancing

Protecting the flow of awareness from home to infinity by supporting recognition of infinity in every point of the journey. Balance activating at the collective level of Being. This balance is folding into the field of awareness all along its path to infinity and back to support equal value of both inner and outer means of gaining information. This is also creating a balance of energy in the body between the head and gut, with the heart as the epicenter of that balance. Stabilizing a truth matrix in the avenue of awareness, so that wherever awareness flows, purest truth dominates. A 64 point matrix (flower of life matrix) is over laying in the area between astral and emotional bodies. This helps create emotional evenness, and the ability to take in more information without feeling overwhelmed. This is so important for graceful evolution. 

Eliminating fear of confrontation

Eliminating fear of confrontation from 18 generations of ancestors. This is the result of much work, strengthening and purifying the speech center. Collective body resonating with self trust. When you can trust yourself to offer truth (through speech) in a simple way, then it is a joy to present truth in the face of misunderstanding, misconception, false beliefs, or narrow vision. Compassion resonating at the collective level of being. With tenderest love, every impulse of intelligence which comes through the vocal mechanism is being infused with compassion, appreciation, and bliss. 

The voice is the tool to create Divine order from chaos. The hero’s journey from home to face his greatest fear is a move from order to chaos. Therefore the tool of speech is invaluable. Preparing and sharpening this tool provides a resource of inestimable value.

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