Body Blueprint: the Original Energetic Pattern for the Body

Body Blueprint—an Energy Form

To my knowledge there is a body blueprint and a life blueprint. These are different things.

The body blueprint is an energetic form. It is not to be confused with the DNA, which is also sometimes referred to as the blueprint of the body. Rather, the body blueprint has layers of manifestation.

The most abstract layer of the body blueprint is more like a template. As such, it is existing within the structure of our universe as pure potential since nearly the beginning of creation.

In this form there is only one blueprint for the human form. Through the course of time, this form evolved, diversified, became more defined. Various versions have evolved to accommodate not only different body types, racial differences, etc., but by the time that humans came to be in creation, this body blueprint had evolved to accommodate any soul.

This form has endowed the soul with unique characteristics and features, while retaining the value of purity and refinement required to sufficiently reflect Divine Being, for which the human body was originally designed to be a vehicle.

As babies, we start with the blueprint in its most essential form. Interaction between this relative field of expression and the blueprint can cause memory loss of the body’s original pure form. Why does the body lose a grip on that original form? Which part of the body forgets?

I am seeing that the memory is held both in the unconscious level of the mental body, but also some part of it is held in the body’s cellular memory as well. The blueprint is intimately tied to the intention of Divine Being to be human.

This explains why the blueprint is centered in the fifth chakra which is the seat of Logos. This seat of Logos is the tool of the Divine to express Infinite Silence in the manifest level of creation in such an orderly manner as to sufficiently reflect infinity in a single point of expression.

The body must be sufficient for Divinity to experience each moment of life in a way which adds to the collective bliss of the whole universe. If this objective isn’t met, then the body isn’t serving its basic purpose and problems start to arise in the form of illness.


Healing the body blueprint yourself:

    1. Close the eyes. It is easier for awareness to fathom the abstract with the eyes closed. The mind quiets down.
    2. Your personal code, or blueprint is located in an area of creation where principles of structuring are archived. Blueprints for everything are in this location. As you can imagine it is quite orderly. This location can be found from the perspective of the causal body.
    3. Identify the energy signature of this location and quietly request access to your personal code. You always have the full rights to your personal code. It will be given as a simple response to a respectful request.
    4. Offer gratitude, recognition, reverence, love, or any other feeling which you deem appropriate as a response to receiving your code.
    5. Awareness rests in Pure Inner Silence. From this location the fresh code can integrate and stabilize in the body in the most graceful way. You are doing it even if there isn’t a lot of thought involved in the process. In fact, less concrete thought and more pure feeling is a very direct method of purifying, of replacing the corrupted code with the renewed code.


Free Energy Healing for your Body Blueprint