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Flow of Consciousness: Engaging the Power of Creation

Consciousness—Unmanifest Silent Wholeness becoming the Diverse Manifestation of Creation

The Flow of Consciousness moves cyclically from the unmanifest ocean of silent wholeness to the infinitely diverse manifestation of the whole creation. The Source of Creation, Pure Being, is unmanifest, yet responsible for all that is.

The manifest level of creation is a commentary on the field of Being. Being creates the manifest, the manifest describes Being. They are ever collapsing into each other.

Division of Consciousness—Knower, Known and the Process of Knowing

Within the context of this cycle there is a three in one division of Consciousness. Consciousness is the That which knows the creation. It is the creation which is present as a means of Consciousness knowing itself. Therefore, the whole system is a process of self knowing—knower, known and the process of knowing.

These three are not separate from one another, yet represent different perspectives on Knowingness. Perpetually unfolding into each other, they form the first division of Oneness or Wholeness.

Engaging the Healing Power of the Flow of Consciousness

In energy healing we utilize the fact that anyone can select to self position in any of these perspectives, or any permutations or combinations of these three perspectives. There is some flexibility in this system which allows one to step outside the state of suffering and view the whole picture from, for example, the witnesser or knower’s point of view.

With the freedom to shift perspectives, it is possible to create something not unlike computer software. Once a combination of moves of Consciousness is created, it can “run” automatically to eliminate an illness in record time. (See Infections: Master Your Own Healing for steps how to eliminate an infection).

Once the combination of moves of Consciousness has been established, it can be offered to the Source of Creation where the flow of consciousness is cycling at infinite speed, and can be multiplied to such a degree that the solution to the problem engages completely spontaneously.

If you are interested in learning more about how to focus your attention during energy healing, please see my article on Axes of Consciousness–points of reference for navigating the ocean of consciousness

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