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Axes of Consciousness

Axes1 of Consciousness: Points of Reference for Navigating the Ocean of Consciousness

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Energy healing is about focusing attention intelligently. Fortunately, focusing attention is a skill we all possess. The art of this skill is in deciding where to focus attention. This article (and video below) will help you get started.

Below I’ve listed four, helpful points of reference for understanding the axes of consciousness, as well as the process of navigating attention.

But first we must understand that consciousness is an infinite ocean of awareness. Our perception and expression – our points of reference – must accommodate its infinite nature. Therefore, rather than a single point of reference, a useful navigation tool for the ocean of consciousness is an axis.

There are many axes, and all of them interface with each other. Sometimes I see them as intersecting planes of existence. To illustrate this, in the next section I will outline four basic types.

1 Axis refers to an “imaginary” line. Axes refers to fixed reference lines for measurement of coordinates. Examples we are most familiar with are a) our earth’s equator, and b) latitude and longitude lines.

Four Points of Reference to More Clearly Understand Axes of Consciousness:

1. Larger than the Largest to Smaller than the Smallest – The first axis is one with which almost everyone is familiar. This is the continuum of smaller than the smallest to larger than the largest. This axis represents the field explored by modern science. For example, Quantum physicists examine the smallest levels of creation and cosmologists explore the furthest reaches of the Universe.

2. Dense to Subtle – This axis ranges from the density in the heart of a black hole to the subtle range of the causal realms of creation. (And ultimately to the field of Divine Being.) This axis was the first one I explored in my journey of healing.

We are so much more than fleshy machines. Click here to review the dense to subtle levels of the self.

3. Chaos to Order – The third axis holds all of the realms of creation and all parallel universes within its range. At one extreme end of this axis, life can be wonderful beyond description. However, at the other extreme, it’s horrible beyond compare.

As humans, we have the privilege of traversing this axis and ultimately finding our way to its finest point of balance. At the point of perfect balance between chaos and order, we are aligned with the Source of Creation – a field of perfect symmetry. Then we are spontaneously integrated with the opposing forces of chaos and order.

Balanced together, chaos and order interact dynamically to create the energy that fuels manifestation of the whole creation.

4. Non-Conscious to Super-Conscious – This is the axis which we as humans (and other life forms as well) traverse in our journey to God realization and Divine Embodiment.

More Details about Axes of Consciousness

Divine grace provides us with the first and second axis. As a result, our bodies are naturally positioned in the point of balance between large and small (the first axis). Then, as consciousness awakens, our status from dense to subtle gets revealed.

Through choice, practice and technology, we gain ability to find our way intentionally along the third axis in order to remain at a point of balance between chaos and order. Movement along the fourth axis develops over time, from refinement of all aspects of self.

Therefore, the more refined our physical nervous system, heart, mind, speech and action become, the more full value of consciousness we can embody.

This is the journey of awakening.


Navigating the Ocean of Consciousness

(Estimated viewing time: 9:56 minutes)

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