Thyroid Healing: Self Understanding and Self Definition

Thyroid Healing—Self identification, Self understanding and Self definition

To better appreciate thyroid healing, it is helpful to understand the physical nature of the thyroid.

The thyroid gland, which resides at the base of the neck, is responsible for monitoring the digestive process and administrating digestive function. As such, it produces hormones which can either speed up or slow down digestion. These hormones “speak” to the organs of the upper digestive tract.

By controlling digestion it powerfully controls the outward appearance of the body regarding the amount of fat that the body carries. Therefore there is a direct link between the inner self definition and the way that appearance manifests outwardly.

In our bodies, our vocal mechanism lies just above the thyroid. It is the means by which we communicate outwardly.

It is important to know, however, that the thyroid also is a basic organ by which we communicate internally. Self identification, self understanding and self definition are all defined in the thyroid area.


The following is the transcript of an actual Thyroid Healing, or Clearing, during one of Dorothy’s Group Remote Sessions:


No one is responsible for anyone else’s well being or happiness

“One issue to address here are patterns which involve sacrifice of personal evolution in order to satisfy someone else’s (claimed or perceived) evolutionary needs.

The importance or value of a need is really subjective. The truth is that the requirements for anyone’s evolution is determined by one’s Divine Self, not individual self.

Because Divine Self is all inclusive, the actual evolutionary needs of any situation will satisfy the individual evolutionary needs of everyone. So, it is an illusion if it appears that one person’s needs supersede the needs of someone else.

Being is evolving in all places at all times in such a way that everyone is receiving according to the priorities of their greatest good. Additionally, the evolutionary movement of the individual soul, the process of expanding consciousness, is a form of Divine communication to the wholeness of creation.

The nature of individual evolution sets the tone or condition by which Divinity evolves. In other words, the self conversation of the Divine with itself, is a sort of expansion/contraction dance between the field of the relative and the field of the Absolute.

Does this make sense?

Neither is above the other, all are part of the same conversation.”


Thyroid Healing (Clearing,) or Energy Healing, of illusions of separation, egoic forms, psychoses, habits of manipulation

  • Clearing the illusion of separation from the mental and emotional bodies of 16 generations of ancestors. Angelic energies from the collective and causal levels of the body are softening the pathways of perception in order to increase receptivity to the direct experience of Union (self + Divinity = Wholeness).
  • Along with this multiple layers of egoic forms is clearing from the causal through physical levels of their bodies.
  • Clearing narcissism, other psychosis and mayasms associated with psychosis in the form of a deep knot of stress, karma and ego in the 4th ray of the causal body and the cord of light.
  • Clearing habits of manipulation. With this comes a beautiful resonation of Pure Truth in the celestial body, supporting all ancestors.

With this comes a download of the wisdom that no one is responsible for anyone else’s well being or happiness.”


Happiness is created from within a person’s being

“It is literally not possible to “make” anyone happy. Happiness is created from within a person’s being. Happiness can be activated by external cues if one has decided to accept a cue as the catalyst of happiness. So, it takes two to play this game.

The problem is that it is really easy for children to fall into a dependent relationship with a parent. It is really easy for children to expect a parent to “make” them happy. But it is not the external cue that makes one happy. The cue is just a point of reference which activates a happiness response from within.

There is such a beautiful light medicine being made by child bodies, like an oil (ojas) which is particularly penetrating the organs and senses of perception to support discrimination between happiness generated by truth, transcendental bliss and sensory input.

This ojas is also penetrating the hypothalamus and thyroid as well as their connecting channels, dense and subtle, to the inner field of bodily experience. From the inner field of bodily experience the ojas is softly connecting inner body awareness with inner consciousness awareness.

The means of connecting the source of happiness, which is actually the Source of Creation, with the emotional experience of happiness is oiling up. All this to support the ability to accept that happiness is generated within the soul and not dependent on outside sources.

  • Clearing generations of guilt, helplessness, manipulation and frustration surrounding interactions associated with putting responsibility of one’s happiness on the shoulders of another.

Survival – yes. Children won’t survive without the support of parents or adults who can provide basic needs. So, the physical well being of children, elderly, ill or weak individuals does fall to others. But physical survival is quite different from happiness.”

Clearing bondage from surfdom and poverty consciousness:

  • Clearing from the causal through mental bodies memories, impressions, habits and self identification associated with surfdom.
  • Also clearing poverty consciousness. Opening up blockage of these qualities in the throat area.

There is a natural intelligence in the throat which oversees speech. We associate growth of this intelligence with liberation from problems, with solutions, with personal and Divine power to create reality. Healthy boundaries are gracefully created through speech.”


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