Soma: Finest Product of Digestion

Soma—the finest product of digestion that nourishes healing potential

Soma is the finest product of digestion brought about by the complete assimilation of food in higher states of consciousness. It is sometimes described as a super fine, unctuous, liquid light flowing through the body.

Healthy digestion at the cellular level, in particular, breaks down food so completely as to produce soma. Soma, in turn, nourishes every part of the body. A better nourished, healthier body, supports higher states of consciousness. Higher states of consciousness increase metabolic efficiency at the subcellular level. This increases soma production. The body’s most powerful healing intelligence consumes soma. This includes Agni, the fire of metabolism and transformation.

The senses are nourished, and made powerful, and more useful by soma. Senses become capable of penetrating into the celestial realm. Perception becomes richer, finer, more complete.

The production of soma nourishes the whole nervous system, particularly the areas which engage with the abstract levels of creation. This leads to more refined thought, speech, and action. In turn more refined behavior enhances productivity and satisfaction in life.

Soma appears in a spectrum of qualities (flavors.) Qualities are determined by the balance of the three gunas (qualities of finest relative, responsible for manifestation) present at the point of its production. The gunas combine as follows.
  1. Sattwa primary, Rajas secondary
  2. Rajas primary, Sattwa secondary
  3. Rajas primary, Tamas secondary
  4. Tamas primary, Rajas secondary

Sattwa and Tamas are not found together because they cancel each other out.


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