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Soma: Finest Product of Digestion

The finest product of digestion nourishes healing potential

Soma is the finest product of digestion. It is sometimes described as a liquid light flowing through the body. But more importantly, it gets created from the complete assimilation of food in humans who are living higher states of consciousness. But actually, it works in a circular fashion.

To illustrate this, healthy digestion breaks down food so completely as to produce soma. Soma then nourishes every part of the body. A better nourished and healthier body supports higher states of consciousness. Higher states of consciousness increases the body’s metabolic efficiency. And as a result, one experiences an increase soma production. 

Soma’s function

Furthermore, soma nourishes the senses. Consequently, it makes them more powerful and useful. Then the senses become capable of penetrating into the celestial realm. Consequently, perception becomes richer, finer, and more complete.

Its production also nourishes the whole nervous system. This is especially true with areas that engage abstract levels of creation. This then leads to more refined thought, speech and action. And as a result, the more refined behavior enhances productivity, and increases satisfaction in life.


Soma, the Moon and the Source

(Estimated viewing time: 14:23 minutes)

Better Sleep and Soma Production

(Estimated viewing time: 16:58 minutes)

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