Teeth and Gums: Breaking Apart Complex Experiences

Teeth—Tools to break complex experiences apart and get them to a condition where we can really understand them

Teeth are the tools which we use to process food at the most initial point of entry into the body. As such, chewing is connected to making information and life experience digestible. This is part of the process where we break complex experiences apart and get them to a condition where we can really understand them.

Teeth are hard. It often takes some strength to face the more confusing or difficult situations and get them in order. Then we can deal with the constituents one at a time.

Each tooth represents a different angle of addressing a problem. When we put the upper teeth together with the lower teeth, this is akin to addressing a challenge from two different angles at the same time in order to put a perspective on it.

We can think of teeth like the tools of logic, reason, understanding, comprehension, synthesis, analysis, feeling and even intuition. After all, the mouth is quite a sensitive feeling space.

Water is the element which predominates in the mouth and the sense of taste is associated with water. So we can say that the mouth is one of the seats of water in the body.

Water represents feelings, as in emotions. So, one of the ways in which we analyze our world is through our emotional responses to it. Because of this, we can develop problems in the mouth if there is a disconnect between how we feel about the world and the way we have been trained to understand it within our belief systems.

The mouth is also home to an amazing microbiome of bacteria. As such, this level of the mouth’s reality must be taken into account with any healing in this area. For example, there is a secondary chakra in the mouth, which usually requires clearing if there are health problems or problems with food choices.

Finally, the act of chewing itself is related to the way that the mind processes information. Every thought is like a single bite. Subsequently, we process life experience in the mind in the same way that the mouth processes and breaks food down into accessible components.


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