Mouth: the Power of Speaking Truth

The Mouth and the Teeth—the place where we begin the process of unpacking our life experience

The mouth prepares the abstract, universal input to become concrete in the body. It also prepares the concrete, material substance to become abstract individual consciousness. From this perspective, the mouth represents the level of creation, before the action begins.

Mouth is also the home of Logos (personified speech), the Divine creator. It is also the location of a secondary chakra between the throat and third eye chakras.

The Teeth represent the tools, belief systems and deeply rooted thought patterns, which we use to refine experience, recognize patterns and make sense at a conscious level of the mind.

When the teeth are not doing well, it reflects some inability to communicate personal requirements to others. If one is so concerned about not hurting the feelings of others, that voice is silenced.


We need the freedom to speak our truth

The silencing of speech is a self-sacrifice which extends through oneself to others. Those who love you don’t want to act offensively. Likewise, you don’t want to act offensively. However, if you don’t have the freedom to speak your truth, then life deteriorates painfully.

On so many levels, speaking your truth is a risk which ultimately grooms you to master verbal communication, if practiced consistently.

Never underestimate the power of your ability to speak truth. You know a thousand people and they know a thousand people and so forth. Any one of us is just two people away from a million others.

When you embrace opposing viewpoints from friends and family who are authentically speaking their truth, your ability to communicate more accurately, more powerfully, more lovingly and more effectively stabilizes.


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