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Light Medicine: Creating Healthy Energy Frequencies

Light Medicine—Transforming Unfavorable Resonances Within Our Subtle Energy Fields Into Healthy Energy Frequencies To Enjoy Better Health!

In energy healing we use light medicine, or consciousness, to establish wholeness in the body. The process is integrative. This means the body is allowed to regain equilibrium by reestablishing with its source, Divine Intelligence.

Like a tuning fork, light medicines resonate at a wide range of frequencies. Your Divine Wisdom knows precisely the healthy resonance for the body’s optimal health. The Causal body is the origin of light medicines. It will produce light medicines best approximating a healthy condition for any part of the body. When a light medicine is present in the body, then the life force of the whole body—or specific afflicted area—will transform to match the life force resonation in the light medicine. Because physical structure is founded upon life force, when the energy signature of the life force upgrades, then the body also restructures to match the higher frequency.

When these light energies come in they’re resonating at a healthy level. That allows the part of the body which had moved from its proper functioning to come back and resonate harmoniously. And in so doing, that part of the body becomes reestablished in its relationship to the wholeness of creation, to the wholeness of the physiology.

When stresses clear out of the body, a space of pure potential remains. This pure potential allows the body to then be receptive to divine healing energy, which brings it back into balance.

Light Medicine for the Astral Body

If we contract a cold or flu, a virus has penetrated through to our bodies. At this point, it is resonating at a frequency which is unhealthy for the physiology. Most viruses I am familiar with come in at the astral level of the physiology, which is our shielding.

The virus penetrates the Astral body, one of the four subtle bodies, and can cause disruption to its structure. The Astral body should like spun silk and be very smooth. But when a virus is present, usually it looks a little raggedy. It may have some lesions in it, or have a nubbly texture.

One of the healing processes for a cold or flu is to do energy healing work for the Astral body—specifically, by bringing in some form of light medicine. There are actually specific medicines that make the Astral body stronger and more resilient.

Fortunately, we all produce these custom medicines ourselves. The Causal body, another of the four subtle bodies, has “organs” which actually produces healing medicines for the physiology. Some of these light medicines have base materials of forgiveness, of love or of joy. In fact, there are whole families of medicines.

Matrix—A Subtle Form of Light Medicine

Another really interesting form of light medicine is something I call a matrix. Healing matrices are comprised of filaments of light or consciousness. In the case of energy healing matrices, these filaments form together into geometrical forms.

Think of something that looks like a mandala, a kind of multi-dimensional, sacred, geometrical form. Where the beams work together and where they cross, there’s a node or a kind of knuckle in which a specific energetic structure resides. These energetic structures in various matrices work together synergistically to promote specific effects for the physiology.

Everywhere that beams (or threads) of consciousness intersect with each other at the knuckles, at these nodes are energetic structures of pure silence. That pure silence is activated by the Mother of Creation. It is like at the heart of everyone, like a temple. Think of it like a temple to the Mother of Creation, to the God of all Creation, right in the heart of your sacred space.

Even though abstract, this matrix is stable and solid. Energy Healing Matrices are very stable forms because they are made in a type of geometrical pattern, similar to crystalline patterns. They have a quality of orderliness that’s so complete it is like a crystal, or fractal, and allows for the light of the divine to shine through.

Energy Healing with Divine Light

There are many forms that energy healing. One of these involves opening up to angels. Angels work with each person and open up that flow of Divine Mother-light, divine light to flow through. Then positive waves of energy flow through people’s physiologies. This is when the imbalances move out. And when they move out, the light of being moves in so that every part of your energetic structure takes on more and more aspects that reflect God, that reflect the divinity of creation.

As the love flows we multiply it, we make ourselves into a vessel that simply allows it to flow back to the Divine. This happens naturally because it’s being structured by YOUR intelligence, YOUR God-Presence, YOUR relationship with the Divine. When I offer energy healing, I am a reflector of you, and I’m reflecting your Being back to you.


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The Healing Process with Dorothy

Energy healing activates our healing process. When individuals come for healing, they have resonances or frequencies within their subtle energy fields that are lower than is appropriate for their full potential. And those energy frequencies can be raised or modified. As they are raised, whatever is causing the lower frequency—whether it’s fear, or memory patterns, or any variety of different imbalances—when it clears out of their physiology, they experience a kind of a movement of energy.

That’s a consistent feature of this energy work—a movement of energy. The darker, lower-frequency energy leaves. The lighter, brighter, higher-frequency energy comes into the area and replaces that older energy frequency. And things change.

What we sometimes call archangels, healing angels, ascended masters, etc. are actually aspects of our own being. So when someone comes to me for healing, it is not Dorothy who heals that person. It is that person’s own Divine Self who heals them in the form of angels and master healers and so forth. Anything we can imagine, we can manifest.

And in the end it always comes down basically to that. A lot of what I do is to simply support their ability to become very comfortable with the process. And enable them to become self-sufficient.

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