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Energy Resonation: Vibrational Shift in the Energy Patterns of Humanity

What is Energy Resonation?

Energy resonation, that is to say in healing standards, refers to an increase in coherent group consciousness on the planet.

To illustrate, it is becoming increasingly evident that our planet earth is changing her vibrational pitch. Specifically, a faster vibrational, purer energy of healing, love and peace is replacing a slower vibrational, more negative, unhealthy energy on this planet. Consequently, all of humanity is aligning with this energy resonation change. Perhaps you have experienced some of the transitional shifts taking place within your own body, or life, as well as in the world?

Anything in society that is discordant with this new, higher energy frequency will naturally change. It will need to change in order to accommodate this energy resonation.

We are, indeed, going through a traditional time as collective karmic debts are paid. Therefore, know that you are not alone and that we are all going through transition.

Thus, below are two videos that share how we, through energy healing, can align ourselves more smoothly with the rising energy and consciousness on our planet.

Videos on Energy Resonation:

Energy Healing for Challenging Times

(Estimated viewing time: 36:24 minutes)

Karma & Resonating Spaces

(Estimated viewing time: 33:18 minutes)

Check out Dorothy’s YouTube Channel for additional free energy healing videos.

And if you would like assistance with healing, click on Energy Healing Services for more information.

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