Body Elemental: Intelligence Responsible for Physical Functions

Body Elemental—Energetic Healing Administrator

The Body Elemental is like an angel. It is the collective of all body intelligence responsible for physical maintenance and upkeep. Its primary function is to link individual healing potential with cosmic healing potential.

The body elemental oversees all of these intelligences. This helper of the body is present during gestation and normally stays with the body for the lifetime. The placenta is the vehicle for the body elemental while the body forms during pregnancy. After the birth, the body elemental stays with the body, but in an energetic form only. After birth, the body elemental resides at the causal through emotional levels.

Sometimes it may be necessary for the body elemental to be upgraded. This may occur if a particular soul makes tremendous spiritual progress in a particular life. Similarly, it could happen when someone drastically changes the course of their destiny by absolving more karma than expected.

The Most Important Relationship in Your Life

The body elemental interacts with the energy field of the body in order to align physical structure with Divine structure. (See the free healing below.) The relationship between the body elemental and the physical structure is a key component for optimal healing. The physical body heals itself. However, the body elemental is responsible for the movement of energy. How well the body elemental and the physical form coordinate efforts affects receptivity to healing work,  the potency of light medicines, and ability to expand into higher states of experience. Reverence, innocence, authenticity, and devotion work together to support the most loving union between the body elemental, the physical form, and the indweller.

Use the principle of Sacred Gardens of the Heart to enhance intimacy between the body elemental and the physical form.

How Does the Body Elemental Work?

Think of yourself enveloped by a field of intelligence which is solely dedicated to your well being, optimal health, and success in reaching your spiritual goals in this lifetime. This is the body elemental. The body elemental assumes specific resonances (or impulses) of intelligence. The physical body exists within the sheath of intelligence created by the body elemental. This sheath can take on any resonance or energy frequency which you need to step forward on your evolutionary path.

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