Dense Bodies: Four Layers of the Physiology

The Four Dense Bodies—Four Layers of the Physiology

We normally think of our body as our physical body. But actually, every individual ranges from both the physical, most manifest level of the body all the way to the finest level of creation, the celestial level just at the edge of unmanifest.

This range of expression of the self is a smooth continuum. However, in energy healing it’s very useful to divide the range into various sections. Consequentially, we allow the attention to concisely focus into a particular area that needs attention. Thus, we honor the fact that different laws of nature dominate at different levels of manifestation, or density, of the physiology.

We divide this continuum of the physiology into eight layers:

  • the four more manifest, or denser layers of the physiology
  • and the four subtler layers of the physiology.


The Four Dense Bodies—Physical, Etheric, Mental and Emotional

These four dense bodies, which we tend to identify with our present life, operate as different laws of nature at different levels of intelligence. Just as we have a physical anatomy, we also have an “energy anatomy.”

As such, these denser bodies operate as the four more manifest levels of the physiology. The four dense bodies are the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.

Physical Body

The human energy field or “aura” surrounds and permeates the physical body. In fact, the physical body could be thought of as the most dense expression of the energy and as only one of a number of bodies which comprise our energy anatomy.

Etheric Body

The next layer of the physiology, the etheric body is slightly less manifest than the physical body. Because it is like a map of the physical body, it radiates outside the skin by a couple of inches. The etheric body is composed of three layers—the pranic, mental and intellectual sheaths.

Mental Body

The third level of the physiology is the mental body. It appears in four distinct layers: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind and the avenue of awareness.

Emotional Body

The final level of the physiology is the emotional body. It is the bridge between our denser and subtle energy bodies.

For a more complete presentation of the four most manifest levels of the physiology, please see the video, Underneath the Physical: Our Seven Subtle Energy Bodies