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Na Ne Nu

Narasimha: the Fourth Avatar of Vishnu, the Protector God

Narasimha—the Protector God who defends mankind when no other solutions can be found

Lord Narasimha is one of nearly an infinite number of personified aspects of the Causal field of the body. This form of self is a protector, responsible for solving problems, destroying evil and restoring Dharma. Lord Narasimha’s special skill is to find a solution in the face of a double bind. (In other words, an impossible dilemma.) The principle of Narasimha is more of a function than a specific form.

Areas of the Causal body function as resonating chambers which hum or vibrate with specific energy signatures. These vibrations are the energetic scaffolding upon which the material realm is propagated.

Throughout the history of mankind, this process of creating reality from the inside out, has been understood through myth, legend, and religious stories. Aspects of the process are personified or animated to help clarify how this happens.

In the Vedic Tradition, Lord Narasimha defends mankind when no other solutions can be found.

In energy healing, we appeal to the value of Lord Narasimha within the causal field of consciousness when situations seem impossible. The process is to put attention on the value of Lord Narasimha as a manifestation of Self. Then rest awareness in the ocean of Pure Silence — Divine Being. Within minutes, a solution is received as a download from the field of Silent Being. This download includes all the factors necessary to undo the dilemma.

In conclusion, the story of Narasimha is an illustration that no matter how impossible a situation appears, there is always a solution. There is always a way out. The impossible dilemma, represented by a demon, illustrates that the concept of a completely impossible situation is, in truth, an illusion.

So first, in order to activate your Narasimha energies, the belief in double binds must be seen from the perspective that they are illusory.

The Story of Narasimha

Lord Vishnu takes the form of Narasimha in his fourth incarnation. Vishnu kills a demon during this avatar. The demon’s brother, Hiranyakashipu, wants to take revenge by destroying Lord Vishnu and all his followers. So he performs penance to please Brahma, the god of creation. Impressed by this act, Brahma offers Hiranyakashpu anything he wants. Hiranyakashipu asks for a tricky boon. That he would not die either on earth or in space; in fire or water; during day or night; inside nor outside (of a home); nor by a human, animal or God nor any inanimate or animate being.

Brahma grants the boon. Thus, with virtually no fear of death Hiranyakashipu unleashes terror. He declares himself as god and asks people to utter no god’s name except his. However his son Prahlada (a devoted worshiper of Lord Vishnu) refuses. Repeated pressurization on him to change yields no results. Prahlada declares the omnipresence of Lord Vishnu. And his father is outraged.

Finally, Hiranyakashipu points to a pillar and asks his son if Vishnu is present in it. Prahlada nods in affirmative. Angered, Hiranyakashipu draws his sword and cuts the pillar. Narasimha, the fourth incarnation of Vishnu appears out of the broken pillar.

Narasimha manifests as a man-lion (neither human, nor animal, nor god) to kill this demon by placing him on his lap (neither earth nor in space); at the doorstep of the palace (neither inside nor outside); and kills him at twilight (neither day nor night). Thus, he makes the power of the boon ineffective and destroys the seemingly invincible evil.

The death of this demon king is celebrated as Holi (the celebration of colors) in India, especially in the northern parts.


Offered below is a Healing with Lord Narasimha:

  • Purifying the source of self created experiences.
  • Healing adrenal glands, spleen, thymus.
  • Connecting the physical with Mother Divine.
  • Heart expansion.



Clearing fear from the stomach area—from the first through third chakras, and basti (abdomen) maha marma. Clearing terror in the astral and emotional bodies. Going deep into the adrenal glands. Holding silence.

We tell ourselves stories about how our lives are going to unfold, moment by moment, day by day, to as far in the future as comprehension can reach. These stories are an internal, but not so subtle, component of our manifesting process. This healing is organizing the foundation—the feeling—of these stories to ensure alignment with highest good. Stories find their origin in the causal body at the place of balance between karma and potential. Here is a particular structuring area in the causal body responsible for recognizing the relationship between karma and potential, then producing a resonation or feeling which appropriately gives expression to that relationship.

The life force, or resonation of Narasimha elevates the point of balance in this causal body organ to its highest expression. Offering the perception of Lord Narasimha to the Source of creation, with deepest gratitude, appreciation, and love for the blessing it brings to the birth place of the stories which become our experience. 


Holding silence for the spleen. The spleen protects the heart. The spleen and thymus must balance the story of “Everything is fine.” with “Here comes trouble.” knowing that the story describes and also perpetuates personal reality. Increasing the quality of discrimination in the entire immune system–thymus and spleen, of course included. Redefining personal sense of the immune system to include the life force and qualities of Narasimha. When the immune system knows itself in terms of solving all problems regardless of their complexity, then anxiety is reduced in this system. Anxiety is reduced in the warning and monitoring systems of the body — endocrine system. The adrenal glands can relax and elicit feelings of enthusiasm, motivation, and joy, rather than panic and terror. 

Connecting the physical to the Divine

Channels of light connecting the heart with the Mother of creation. Checking and clearing these channels. When the vision as far into the future as is possible, does not embrace full health, full expression of Divine potential, the solution is to expand to an even broader perspective. The vision from an even more universal perspective can support modification of the present vision — realign it so to say — reign it in, to harmonize with cosmic evolution. Remember, when the heart holds silence, this helps set all body systems back into synchronization with each other. Why? Because the magnetic field created by the heart is more powerful than that of any other organ in the body — even the brain. 

More clearing

Clearing fear up and down the spine by allowing the heart to dictate the overall feeling in the body. Areas undergoing purification are physical spine, etheric spine, cords which radiate out the crown of the head and connect to cosmic structures. These are connecting the head, intellect, understanding, wisdom base, etc. with Source. The heart center is like an orchestra conductor, which keeps all systems, including subtle systems, working in harmony. Seeing increasing balance and stability in the astral body, auric field, emotional body. These areas of the body are “lighting up” with a radiance which is a continuously produced by the causal body. So a self referral loop between causal level of the heart’s reality and astral through emotional levels is supporting the flow of pure light of Being. Like a wash of liquid light these areas of self where belief systems reside are cleansing. 

Heart expansion

This is causing a lot of old baggage to dissolve from the system. I am seeing attachments and assumptions dissolving quickly from the body structure. This is causing more opening in the heart chakra area — greater simplicity also profoundness of heart. A complete restructuring of perspective on situations — beyond forgiveness — the heart cleansed and opened to its own cosmic reality is radiating a value or pure intelligence to the rest of the body, particularly immune and endocrine systems. I am seeing the circumstances where one would normally offer forgiveness morphing into conditions which elicit gratitude instead. This powerfully sets a foundation for new responses to life experiences which are far more evolutionary, than responses of the past. 

Love and gratitude,

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