Etheric Body: The Bridge Between Ideas and Forms

The Etheric Body—One Degree Less Manifest than the Physical Body

The etheric body looks and feels much like the physical body. The dense values of the five primal elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) make up the physical body, and the subtle forms of these primal elements make up the etheric body. The shape of the etheric body resembles the physical body. It has organ systems, organs, tissues, cells, etc. but they made only of energy.

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The etheric body extends beyond the skin by about 2-4 inches. You can feel your etheric body by putting your hand close to any part of your body, and moving it slightly. The movement of the hand ‘stirs’ the etheric field of the body, making it easier to detect.

The etheric body feels what the body feels.

If the body feels heat, cold, pressure, pleasure, etc. so does the etheric body. Sometimes people get confused, thinking they are feeling some sensation in the physical body when they are actually feeling a sensation in the etheric body. In fact, long term pain, which seems ‘locked’ into the body, is usually rooted in the etheric level. For this reason, it is good to check the etheric body if you, or someone you are helping is experiencing pain. It is far easier to move the pain from the subtle etheric body, than from the denser physical body. But this removal of pain has to be conscious in order to be effective.

It is common for a person who has lost a body part due to surgery or accident to feel pain in the missing organ. Although the physical part is gone, the etheric part is still present and requiring loving attention to heal. Distance Energy Work sessions can help with this process.

We can think of the etheric body as the body which we occupy in dream state. It is mostly like the physical form, but more fluid, flexible, and made of energy.

Additional Video

This interview offers a nice overview of the model of the body across the spectrum of density. The etheric body is the second most dense layer after the physical body. In the first part of this video, Tricia asks a lot of questions about my story. I describe the etheric body at 38:53, and the whole model at 36:50.

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The following healing for the etheric body activates as you read it:


  • Offering to Being the intention to attain the original perfect body blueprint holding space for all four dense levels of the body.
  • This body blueprint is born of the energy signature of your pure potential—pure cosmic intention. 
  • Clearing fear, illusion, assumptions, and beliefs that there is ‘no solution,’ a feeling that is born of illusion, from the ancestral field:
  • Clearing a promise, carried for centuries in families, that you will not be loved if you are not kind to the point of self-sacrificing.
  • Activation of the truth that you are Divine Being made manifest. You are boundless Being, expressing itself in a field of boundaries and limitations. 


Looking at the etheric body today. This expression of consciousness is one layer more abstract than the physical body. As such, it has the capacity to feel, much as the physical body does. It also can act like a blueprint, holding forms corrupted by stress. So even if we do everything right on the surface, it is still possible for problems to remain. Weight issues can be of this nature. If the etheric body is holding a large shape, any amount of hard work to diet and exercise will meet with failure. The etheric body can hold form because it is so close to the physical plane. 

I see the etheric body holding pain and unnatural form. This is due to expectations, assumptions and judgments from authorities. Now blessing the astral connection between your precious body and those in a position of authority. So many people do not know that their inner connection to the destructive laws of Nature even exists. When blindness corrupts the ability to know truth, then corruption can surface against all good intentions. Even when assumptions and expectations are not voiced, they can shape the etheric body. 

Now offering to Being the intention to reinstate the original perfect body blueprint.

This holds space for all four dense levels of the body. In other words, the body blueprint is multidimensional. It provides guidance for the form of the emotional, mental, etheric, and physical bodies. This body blueprint is born of the energy signature of your pure potential—pure cosmic intention.  When the body was younger, it was better aligned with the original body blueprint. We are now stretching awareness back in time. We are isolating each point where stress corrupted the blueprint and re-establishing optimal form. 

I am noticing a release of discordant feelings from the dense levels of the body. Much of this comes from a lack of awareness, in the past. of one’s intimate connection to the destructive laws of Nature. Destructive laws of Nature have been shrouded in illusion, making them seem sinister. Yet, if we never got rid of anything, we would live in crowded conditions. Right? The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ are all part of this universe. Thus, it is necessary to embrace the evolutionary value of both. ‘What we resist, persists.’ 

Clearing fear, illusion, assumptions, and beliefs that there is ‘no solution’ from the ancestral field. This is the molecular level of all four dense levels of the body. There was a feeling that a situation that is impossible is born of illusion. Illusion is the principle tool of destructive or malevolent energies. Why? Because in this time Truth is our one strongest suit. Truth is the only leg of dharma upon which we can lean our weight for success in any situation. Truth is currently under attack from illusion, delusion, and falsehood. 

Diving into Being with the intention of stabilizing all the tools of truth.

The meter which discriminates the signature of truth from the nest of untruth is a form of intellect. The overseeing intelligence of intellect is now sitting in the main center of focus. It is receiving the nourishment of both your attention and soma. Meridians extending through the brain are clearing of impressions, illusion, falsehood, and fear. Clearing fear of looking at truth in the heart area. Under this, clearing a promise, carried for centuries in families. This was the thought that you will not be loved if you are not kind to the point of self-sacrificing. Many ancestors died through self sacrifice, thinking that this was the ‘right’ thing to do. So sad, and so wrong.

Under all this clearing the feeling of being disposable, worthless, and temporary. (We are still with the ancestors.) The antidote to this feeling is an activation of the truth that you are Divine Being made manifest. It is safe to set healthy boundaries with others. You are boundless Being, expressing itself in a field of boundaries and limitations. Boundaries are natural in the field of manifestation. 

The etheric body sits right at the edge of manifestation.Now clearing imbalanced heat from the etheric body. Clearing flags placed in the etheric body by exploitative micro-invaders. And clearing implants from toxic energies which attached to the etheric body. These are in the form of discordant feelings.

Now changing the etheric body in places where it has morphed away from the original perfect form. The body elemental is holding the blueprint for the etheric body in a space of power and protection. We are taking responsibility for making these adjustments. This will allow the etheric body to reflect the original cosmic intention for your precious body vehicle. 

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