Emotional Body: Bridge from the Physical to Thinking Self

Emotional Body

The Emotional Body refers to the emotional level of the physiology. As such, it is the bridge between our dense and subtle energy bodies. 

The emotional body is the body of desire, of feeling. We would look at this area when dealing with emotional imbalances.

Video and Healing

1. Lilac Healing Session—Healing for the Emotional Body

2. Healing for the Emotional Heart


  • Pain felt on physical and etheric levels has its roots in more abstract levels
  • Clearing beliefs and justifications from the mental body
  • Relationship of suffering, memory, life lessons and dramas
  • Clearing fear in the emotional body and gut, and from distant past
  • Healing for the memory function of the heart
  • Clearing egoic structures, pain bodies, and attachments for ancestors
  • Clearing root beliefs in astral body which are responsible for fears in emotional body
  • Resetting belief systems to be truly evolutionary
  • A beautiful movement of pure primordial light of Being through the Web of Life
  • Healing extends to the collective of humanity, signifying removal of deep-seated karmas

Enjoy the Healing Here!