Subtle Bodies: the Four Most Abstract Levels of the Body

The Four Subtle Bodies

The Subtle Bodies are the four most abstract levels of the body. As such, we tend to identify this area of self with the permanent or eternal Self.

The subtle bodies from subtle to dense are the celestial body, collective body, causal body and astral body. Each of these bodies is infinite in nature and resides outside the range of space and time.

Also, the activities of these four aspects of self affect most healing functions, as well as many powers.

It is important to note that the range of manifestation of the Self, from abstract to concrete, is actually a smooth continuum of Divinity expressing itself as form. However, for the sake of facilitating the energy healing process, this smooth continuum is divided into layers or bodies. Therefore, we can focus attention concisely on the area required for most effective healing.


Our Subtle Energy Bodies


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