Energy Healing Algorithm and How to Use It

Energy Healing Algorithm

The energy healing algorithm is a highly effective healing process. An algorithm is, of course, a process or a set of rules to be followed in overcoming problems.

The algorithm for healing is a basic process for the attainment of pure truth, the creation of energies which heal the body and full body transformation from illness to health. It is fairly simple to practice and a pleasure to present here.

This particular energy healing algorithm works by identifying little packages of discord. Like a mother caring for a child, it is good to see the details of these packages. Detail is good.

This algorithm for healing is based upon the ability to move awareness away from the field of outward sensory perception to the inner realm of pure experience of Self. Since so many people practice some form of meditation these days, fortunately, the ability to move awareness inward rather than outward is generally familiar.

Once you feel confident that your awareness has embraced the whole package of discord, offer it to Being. From Being the antidote will present itself.

The first time you experience the antidote, it will be offered back to Being with the discord together. This supports the ability of your highest intelligence to expand, refine and enhance the antidote. When it returns to conscious mind the second time, usually, it is very clear, pure and powerful.

Then keep offering that to Being every time it appears. Over and over, the brain will quickly create neural connections to speed up and make the process more efficient. It becomes faster and faster until the antidote is showering into the body like soma washing into the being/Being. With every stroke the healing energy becomes more powerful and more refined.

My experience is that there comes a point where it all turns to reverence. At that point the process has completed itself. All imbalanced aspects of self have re-identified themselves with Divinity and integrated that identification through reverence.

The Energy Healing Algorithm is a process, and it is highly effective.


This Is How You Use the Algorithm for Healing

1. Start with the symptom of imbalance which requires healing. It has a reality on a physical level, but usually a deeper reality as well. Note the whole thing as best you can.

2. Direct awareness to the Source of Creation and rest in that holy silence. By doing so, you are effectually taking the illness, which is an incompletion of sorts to the home of completions, Wholeness. This is your Divine Being.

3. In a moment or two, some reply will come to the conscious mind from your Divine Being. It will come in one of two forms.

  • Further elaboration of the understanding of the imbalance. It could be that you need to offer a more complete comprehension of your condition in order to receive full healing.
  • The antidote arrives.

If you receive a further elaboration on the nature of the imbalance, then repeat steps 1 and 2.

If the antidote presents itself, then enjoy it, being as clear as you can on its nature, then repeat steps 1 and 2.

The first time that the antidote presents itself it is often very abstract, possibly just a faint feeling or flavor of consciousness. The antidote always feels right; it interacts with the body and the imbalance in a way which uplifts the whole system.

Don’t mind if the feeling of the antidote is not fully clear or if it brings impressions to the awareness which are a little confusing at first. This is not uncommon. As you continue this practice more clarity will dawn.

After resting awareness into the field of Being again, the antidote will return with more clarity, more potency and more refinement. Then repeat steps 1 and 2, again. With each stroke of awareness into the field of Wholeness, the healing energy will be enhanced and have a great transformational effect on the body.

4. Continue moving awareness back and forth between the physical experience of the healing and the silent source of Being. You will notice that the process starts to speed up. The inward and outward strokes of awareness loop faster and faster.

It is possible to experience both the inward and outward strokes simultaneously. Whether you experience them simultaneously or in succession, they have the potential at this point of spinning at infinite rate. When this happens the physical experience is one of being washed in the light of healing. It is possible to literally feel the body reforming itself back to health, at this point.


Enjoy this Energy Healing Process! It will have beautiful, lasting effects.


Energy Healing Algorithm Practice

Energy Healing Algorithm and How to Use It