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Fatigue After a Night’s Sleep: Purification and Spiritual Practice

Fatigue After a Night’s Sleep

Let’s consider fatigue after a night’s sleep and our spiritual practice. It is not uncommon for people on a spiritual path to wake in the morning feeling tired. Often, they feel as if they have been working all night long. But don’t despair, there is a reason for this—the body purifies during the night.

A spiritual practice can trigger quite a large amount of physical purification. On the one hand, we can feel rejuvenated. On the other hand, we feel the temporary fatigue that comes from such a dynamic, internal activity.

Fortunately, the purification process—which may show itself as fatigue after a night’s sleep—is leading us towards higher states of consciousness. So the purification is a good thing, and the temporary fatigue that results from the purification becomes a good thing, too.

The whole process—step by step—leads us toward awareness during sleep, an indicator of higher states of consciousness. Ultimately this leads us to Cosmic Consciousness, a state of consciousness where Pure Awareness is maintained consistently throughout the other three states of consciousness, waking, dreaming and sleeping.

Be the Spiritual Traveler

There are other ways that our sleep can enhance our spiritual progress. Some of this is advanced practice, but it is all within our grasp if we keep doggedly on our spiritual paths.

Know that it is also part of the soul’s dharma to “gather” specific information from various locations. We can discover archives of sacred wisdom in many places, both on Earth and in the cosmos. Also, there are so many ways of helping others, of balancing karma, creating beauty, expanding consciousness further and more.

This gathering experience adds to the awakening of the world, as far as I can tell. Knowing this, you can choose to take moments of rest during the night’s travels. Between the new and exciting places you choose to visit, go to places which rejuvenate, sacred places such as Rameshwarum. Pacing yourself in these sacred travels will help you feel better in the morning. We have all the time in the universe to affect our evolution.

For suggestions on how to sleep better, please see Heavenly Sleep: Simple Techniques.

Below is a video that helps explain why we can experience fatigue after a night’s sleep. It offers a healing as well.


Energy Healing for Better Sleep

(Estimated viewing time: 14:56 minutes)

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