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Manifesting Wealth by Doing What You Love

Activation for Manifesting Abundance

Manifesting Wealth means knowing that Love is the currency of the Universe. Every creature—large and small, subtle and gross—responds to our love. God responds to our love. Love is the “real” money.

Okay, so how can we manifest wealth by transmuting love into a commodity that can pay bills and buy food?

From an individual perspective, the transforming element is devoted service. From a universal perspective, devoted service is experienced as the grace of God.

So, love + Grace = wealth/abundance.

Grace is not just a feeling, it is also a function. To clarify, grace is a catalyst that allows for the most tender impulse of love to become a blessing to all who encounter it. It is that action which oils the mechanism of manifestation, so that one’s heartfelt wishes can find expression in the field of action and reaction.

In this context, I am calling the animate form of grace “Divine Grace.” The love of this creative feminine presence is equally accessible to everyone. Furthermore, her presence in the awareness activates the causal body area attuned to giving and receiving devotion.

This also reorganizes the function of that area so that loving devotion manifests as material affluence. Reverent invocation of Divine Grace in the awareness purifies the heart. We can compare this activation to awakening a muscle and discovering its potential.

The Energetic Flow of Divine Grace Moves to the Surface of Life

Within you, the energetic flow of Divine Grace moves both to the surface of life, where it finds expression in situations and circumstances, and to the field of Pure Being, the infinite silent Source of creation. As you get accustomed to this flow, you will find it is easily directed with intention. Grace can flow to organs, chakras, meridians or subtle bodies. It can also flow to others, as well as objects, situations, etc.

Once Divine Grace is actively awakened in your being and received by the whole creation, it flows back from every corner of the Universe. Most importantly, Pure Being returns it in an enhanced form.

Being multiplies whatever we offer to its infinite state. It refines and enhances all aspects of our offering, completing and uplifting that offering to a condition of Wholeness. This then has the effect of balancing personal karma for all good.

Intentionally opening oneself to Grace, soaking in it, drinking it in on every level of our Being blesses life in innumerable ways. For example, this joyous act allows an activation of the relationship between our hearts and the world at large.

Knowing that even one tiny drop of that Grace is enough to nourish the whole lifetime—and that we have access to and are capable of absorbing infinite amounts—allows Grace to penetrate all levels of the soul.

This Beautiful Grace Interfaces with Our Love

For the creation of wealth, for manifesting wealth, this beautiful Grace interfaces with our love and becomes the thoughts and actions which attract affluence, abundance and opulence into life.

Whoever you love, whatever you love to do is actually Divine Being experiencing itself through you. When you are in a state of loving devotion, you are the channel through which Grace flows to produce maximum good for the world and maximum financial returns with minimum effort. The requirement? Just the slightest intention to allow this to happen. The feeling that permission is granted is sufficient to start the process.

“Desire and let go; trust the Universe to take care of details.” ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

There is one more thing that we can add here. All of creation is in layers, large and small, gross and subtle. At the deepest, most subtle strata of creation there are realms—places made of light and consciousness. Each of these is home to a set of laws of Nature, which predominate in that area supporting specific activities.

Thus, there is a location specific for wealth. This location is permeated by sweetness, innocence, and playfulness. It is full of bliss. All you have to do is look within your heart to find this place. You can go there and attune yourself to the laws of your natural affluent nature.

Approaching with reverence will always win support, will always win maximum attunement with this area of self. Consequently, any offerings (and remember, love is the currency of the creation) will open the relationship. And allow for manifesting wealth.

Wealth Has an Energy Signature That You Can Cultivate with Self-Love and a Simple Exercise

In conclusion, everyone has the potential to manifest the fullest value of life. That’s because it is present at this very moment. Please check out the simple and effective exercise below for creating wealth.


Manifesting Wealth by Doing What You Love (Includes Clearing for Heart)

(Estimated viewing time: 12:49 minutes)

Wealth Activation Exercise: Feeling the Golden Ocean of Grace

(Estimated viewing time: 3:28 minutes)

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Try this Simple Exercise for Manifesting Wealth

Dear Dorothy: Perhaps my personal situation will mirror others. Achieving any wealth or financial stability has remained an elusive endeavor. Nearing 70, it looks pretty bleak in creating a secure and fulfilled life money-wise. It is not for lack of trying but my work life often centered on working for nonprofit organizations. I find myself having to live off a very small pension. Also money just flows out of my life not into my life.
I have done a lot of inner work over the years but lack of money is one huge obstacle. This lack of money and the stress that accompanies this lack limits choices and often joy.

Dorothy: Many people believe that the capacity to develop themselves (“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”) and achieve great things, (believing that this will take a long time) decreases as they grow older. However, from the perspective that the present moment is the platform of ultimate power, this in not the case.

Where to start?

The feeling of lack underlies the experience that money flows out not into one’s life. Lack has an energetic frequency which increases when harbored in the awareness. Shifting from a perspective of lack to a perspective of financial abundance is a great place to start one’s journey toward increased abundance in life. The deeper and more powerful the shift in consciousness from thinking of oneself as being a “poor person” to being a “financially fulfilled person” is the key.

You are brilliant, capable, sensible, and resourceful. You have so much good to offer the world. Through your offerings you have the potential to be well rewarded financially.

Exercise for Manifesting Wealth

A helpful exercise to eliminate the feeling of lack and replace it with an internal experience of affluence can be done with a blank check register.

  • Imagine possessing a bank account into which you will deposit money daily, for a whole year. The more completely you can imagine this as real, the more powerful the transformation of consciousness will be.
  • On the first day deposit $1,000 in your “bank account”. 
  • Each successive day’s deposit will be $1,000 more than the deposit of the previous day. Example: deposit $1,000 on day one, $2,000 on day two, $3,000 on day three, etc. 
  • Keep a running total of the money in your account. Pay close attention to how this makes you feel. The feeling will be different for different amounts of money. It is actually very interesting. 
  • Lastly, it is important to record expenditures as well. Imagine what you would buy, or how you would use the money after it has come into your possession. Notice the different feelings between spending money on mundane expenses vs. things you really want. 

Pay attention to how you are feeling

How this exercise makes you feel is important! It is the feeling which restructures self-identity, and thus your perspective. Anytime a pleasant feeling arises, adopt that feeling, cherish it, own it. Accepting the feeling achieves the purpose of this exercise.

Clearly feel what it means to have financial abundance, in other words, more than enough to meet all personal needs. This feeling will be regularly recognized as an aspect of your self. And pay attention to how the feeling affects other areas of life. The experience of this feeling in the field of consciousness means that it already exists within you.

Great wealth is within the range of your potential regardless of your age, gender, race, or history.

Changing feelings takes second; a consistent increase of actual income takes a little longer. Restructured consciousness and imagination fueled by excitement, joy, and creativity will restructure the world around you to bring the information, resources, and perfect timing required to manifest fortune. 

Most people find that the transformation from little wealth to great wealth requires an expansion of self-love. One must truly know that they are worthy of living in a state of genuine comfort, power, and happiness. Authentic self-love spontaneously expands to embrace the world with empathy, compassion, devotion, and generosity. Establishment in true self-love, unbounded and devoted to the well-being of all, positions you to avoid the pitfalls of the wealthy in previous centuries (vanity, conceit, narcissism, etc.) 
May you find your financial status evolving forward with unbounded freedom from this time forward.

With love and gratitude.