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Solar Eclipse: Making the Most of It

Both the solar and lunar eclipses are considered inauspicious. However, even the most inauspicious experience can be reborn as sacred when illuminated by the light of Divine Self. What in creation is not made by the hand of God?

The Vedic idea of the eclipse is that it is inauspicious. Thus during the eclipse, advice is to fast, meditate, stay indoors, and darken the windows. One can also offer food and clothing to the poor before and afterward the event.

Indeed, when we look energetically at a full solar eclipse, it is quite chaotic. We are likely to experience a deep desire for mental and physical rest. It is like an abstract longing for the kind of knocked-out rest you experience when you are overwhelmed with illness or fatigue.

On the surface of the mind, there is very little other than the fatigue itself to account for this feeling. That source of the fatigue has to do with excess mental activity in the hidden realms of the soul.

One of the important principles of such a cosmic event as an eclipse is that it is a seed for future unfoldment. Each moment of the eclipse corresponds with segments of life over the next several months.

A principle of Jyotish is that behavior during the eclipse shapes life experience to come. In each moment of the eclipse, our actions become seeds which grow as blessings or warnings as life progresses.

Energetic healing addresses the relationship between relative, surface values of life and Deep, underlying Being

The more difficult, chaotic or toxic situations become, the more purity of Being is required to successfully meet them. Energy healing attends to the relationship between symptoms at the surface of life and Being at its foundation. Energetic healing is the balance created by this holy union.

In the case of a total solar eclipse, the dynamic clash of heavenly bodies is so intense, even considering their mass alone, that creating balance from a human perspective requires summoning experiences of Source which exceed the current capacity of body, mind and spirit.

The ability to meet each moment of the eclipse established in the silence of Self, in holy union with the Creator, will transform the chaotic weight of the combined mass of the Sun and Moon into a perfect formula for expansion and stabilization of the ability to stay in the light of Divinity at all times, in all places, regardless of circumstances.

The weight of the eclipse drives the spirit to find a depth of silence which transcends anything experienced thus far. And it inspires behaviors which anchor that silence as never before.

Use the eclipse as a rare opportunity to self strengthen internally

This is the value of an eclipse for us as human beings. Use this precious time to reside in the Home of Inner Bliss. Rest in the lap of God, as much as your schedule allows during the hours of the eclipse.

Times of dynamic external change provide rare opportunities to self strengthen internally, like no other. Strike while the iron is hot! While chaos reigns in the outer world, dive into your deepest inner silence, taking refuge in the perfection of Divine Being.

The contrast between your inner and outer experience will stretch comprehension to a whole new level and capacity. Thus, inducing maturation and refinement of your soul and your role as citizen of the cosmos.

Enjoy the process of leveraging the energies of the eclipse to stabilize inner silence and connection to Source in the most powerful and dynamic way.

If your schedule does not allow this, or you forget, no worries. Cosmic bodies move slowly enough that if we fail in one moment, there will be other similar moments. We can succeed in the next, without losing momentum.