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Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana): The Second Chakra

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Sacral Chakra: Expansive, Creative Energy

The sacral chakra, sometimes called Svadhisthana, is located two inches below the navel and deep in the core of the torso. Its essential nature is expansive, creative energy, thus it is associated with creativity, sexuality and reproduction. The planet associated with the second chakra is Jupiter.

A lot of unhealthy belief systems can become lodged in and around this sacral chakra. For example, guilt, shame, and sexual taboos – as well as any discordant feelings about one’s sexuality – may become stuck here. Furthermore, karma can be carried in that level of the body and can serve as a blocking force. Fortunately, karma can be cleared through energy healing.

As a body of humanity, as a collective of human experience, anything we change in ourselves has a direct effect on an upliftment and support for the rest of humanity. And each of us are really carrying some of the weight that is being held in the collective all the time.

Energy Healing for the Sacral Chakra

Energy healing of the sacral chakra involves opening and closing of this chakra. This alone is enough to upgrade the alignment of the energies in this chakra. Then Svadhisthana becomes more in tune with natural law, with cosmic evolution.

With the attention on Svadhisthana and the attention expanding outward, we will feel the expansion. And as consciousness expands in this area, bliss expands. Thus, along with the experience of expansion, we experience much more bliss, power, confidence, self-awareness and self-validation.

Then we turn it around. We curve it back in and bring the attention inward again. When the energies return inward, they bring greater alignment, greater attunement with their own pure divine nature. They become quiet and yet awake. Finally, they return into silence and to a point of perfect balance, to a point of infinite balance. All blessings move into this area of the body, into the sacral chakra. Sweet blessings.

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