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Heart: the Structure that Promotes the Flow of Bliss

The heart is the key organ in our circulatory systems. The flow of blood within the circulatory system represents the flow of bliss in our body and in life. Indeed, the heart is that structure which promotes the flow of bliss—the eternal expansion and collapse of Being—from point to infinity and from infinity to a point.

Most importantly, the reality of Being flowing in waves of becoming blissful is at the very foundation of all of this multiverse. It is the basis of everything.

Therefore, the heart holds a position the significance of which cannot be over stated. The heart is precious. And without a heart, there is no life! According to Ayurveda there are 8 drops of ojas in the heart. Remarkably, if the body loses even one of these drops it will cease to maintain life.

Certainly, we can see that the relationship between life and bliss is very deep. Experiencing the flow of bliss is one of the reasons for life.

Energy Healing for the Heart

In energy healing for the heart we focus on two areas: The energy centers in the chest and the emotional body.

In the center of the chest is the heart chakra, the Hridiya Chakra. The Hridiya Chakra is considered to be at the center of the spokes of the wheel of the body, because the heart chakra is at the center of the seven body chakras, with three chakras above and three below.

The Hridiya Chakra is in the very center of the chest and doesn’t lie directly over the heart. Actually, the organ at the epicenter of the hridiya chakra is the thymus. The thymus is a gland which administrates immune system function in the body. It acts like a protective mother to the body by creating and cultivating immune system cells, then distributing them to the body as needed.

However, because the heart is very close to the Hridiya Chakra, very often when there are problems with the heart, healing for the heart chakra is also important.

Also, it is important to point out that there is a mahamarma in the center of the chest. Actually, there are three mahamarmas, one each in the head, chest and gut. The hridiya mahamarma itself is associated with the goddess Lakshmi. Significantly, this mahamarma acts as both a holding center for Lakshmi energy and as a portal to the heavens.

Energy Work for the Hridiya Mahamarma 

In energy work, healing for the hridiya mahamarma is important because it is so valuable in supporting clear communication and connection between the subtle and dense levels of our physiology. And our emotional body, the emotional level of the physiology, is the bridge between our dense and subtle energy bodies.

Hence, hridiya mahamarma supports and upholds the flow of the life force. As the life force flows, it flows toward the relative field of creation through the four denser levels of the body, associated with the head. Also, it flows toward the field of Divine Being through the four subtler levels of the body, associated with the gut.

This is important: When the heart is healthy, the healing energies from the subtle levels of creation can flow without effort to the physical material level of self and support highest health. Therefore, regardless of the particular illness, challenge or imbalance, healing for this mahamarma is always valuable.

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Healing for the Heart

(Estimated viewing time: 10:47)

How to Move Energy to Help the Heart

(Estimated viewing time: 5:02 minutes)

Free Energy Healing for the Heart

(Estimated viewing time: 10:05 minutes)

Healings for Heart and Brain

(Estimated viewing time: 13:50 minutes)

Exercise to Stabilize Heart Energy

(Estimated viewing time: 10:35 minutes)

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Two Free Healings:

  • Each healing activates as you read it because energy healing takes place outside the constraints of space and time.
  • Even though Dorothy performs a healing at one time, anyone from that time forward can benefit from that healing.
  • Additionally, the healings become more powerful over time as more and more people participate.
  • Also, the same person, coming back more than once to the same healing, will receive ever deepening layers of benefit from the healings.

1. Healing for the Emotional Heart


  • Pain felt on physical and etheric levels has its roots in more abstract levels
  • Clearing beliefs and justifications from the mental body
  • Relationship of suffering, memory, life lessons and dramas
  • Clearing fear in the emotional body and gut, and from distant past
  • Healing for the memory function of the heart
  • Clearing egoic structures, pain bodies, and attachments for ancestors
  • Clearing root beliefs in astral body which are responsible for fears in emotional body
  • Resetting belief systems to be truly evolutionary
  • A beautiful movement of pure primordial light of Being through the Web of Life
  • Healing extends to the collective of humanity, signifying removal of deep-seated karmas

Clearing Pain

Clearing pain from the etheric body. This pain is interpreted and experienced as physical, but it actually resides in the etheric (more subtle) body. The reason the body does this is to flag or indicate its reality on the etheric level, so that your discrimination has a chance to recognize and become familiar with its etheric nature. Although pain is actually felt at etheric and physical levels, the roots of pain reside at more abstract levels of the body. Healing is now moving to these more abstract levels.

Clearing unhealthy belief systems

Now clearing beliefs and illusions in the mental body which have caused mental tension. These beliefs are like a self-created dream which exaggerate problems in order to understand them better. Clearing justification from the subconscious level of the mental body. There is a little bit of egoic element here too, which is also clearing. This bit of ego exaggerates problems by creating drama, and drama is leveraged to increase life’s meaning. 

I sense a feeling that a life lesson is meaningful if there is some suffering associated with it. They suffering flags an experience to be committed to memory. Therefore, I’m examining the hippocampus — the brain’s memory center. The hippocampus is located right next to the pain receptor — the amygdala. Clearing self doubt in the hippocampus. Now a crystal matrix is establishing in the hippocampus. This matrix is extremely orderly, thus supporting efficiency, simplicity, and high level organization. Also seeing the presence of the Cosmic Administrator (a causal body form). It is bringing a download to the hippocampus to support ideal memory function. And it’s doing this so that exaggeration of pain is not required for sufficient memory function. 

Clearing fear

Under this, now clearing fear in the emotional body. Also a lot of this fear is in the gut – for some people it is in the stomach area and others in the chest/heart area. Clearing impressions and cellular memory from the long past of situations which involved great pain. Dissolving bridges from distant past situations where pain is involved. The Causal body is creating waves of softness, compassion. It’s also expanding understanding through the channels of consciousness which connect present situations to similar past situations. 

All of this is a healing for the neural memory functions in the chest, around the heart. We are all familiar with the memory function in the brain, however, the heart also has memory function. Cosmic Administrator appealing to the memory function of the heart. Clearing pain bodies and attachments in the heart, chakras 3, 4, and 5, auric field of the heart chakra, and the heart mahamarma.  

Clearing ego structures in heart, pain bodies and attachments

For ancestors, clearing egoic structures in the heart. Also clearing pain bodies and attachments. These are functioning much like the previous egoic structures and pain bodies just cleared at the mental level. 

For the ancestors there is some personal importance associated with suffering. Tender forgiveness is being created in the Causal body. This forgiveness is resonating in the body from causal through etheric levels of self. This process is blessing the ancestors. There is also a lot of innocence associated with the forgiveness. Complete non-judgement. There is a resetting of deep root belief patterns in the heart area for ancestors. 

Naturally, any ancestral work reflects in your present physical body at a molecular and sub cellular level.  

Clearing deep root beliefs responsible for fear

Clearing deep root beliefs in the Astral body which are responsible for the fear in the emotional body. Clearly, we are digging toward a seed of discomfort here. 

Shining the light of awareness into the astral body to illuminate or reveal areas which act as reflectors to the collective. Some people have strong independent thought. Others align with collective majority by default. Both skills are necessary, however discrimination is required to organize belief systems which are truly evolutionary.

Healing extends to the collective

Through you, through the web of life, clearing the collective of humanity. I am seeing people affected by this healing in areas of our world which attract like-minded thinkers. Seeing individuals affected by this healing who possess highly limiting belief systems. Furthermore, there is a beautiful movement of pure primordial light of Being through the web of life. It is reaching a large portion of the collective, promoting this day’s healing to many people.

 When the healing moves in this particular way, I infer that this is clearing deep seated karmas. These reside in the causal body and are responsible for the source of pain, health problems, and other life problems in the first place. 

2. Healing for the Heart: Creating an Integrated Sense of Self Through the Sacred Space of the Heart:

Breathing an integrated sense of self through the sacred space of the heart. Just softest breath through the heart chakra and the sacred space behind the heart. Forgiveness is flowing into sacred gardens of the heart between yourself and those with whom you danced the dance of karma and co-dependence throughout the history of the soul. 

Why we experience difficult situations

When a person experiences a difficult situation, particularly the sort which lasts for years or decades, it is always for the sake of learning a crazy difficult lesson extremely thoroughly. It happens when the refinement of the heart is so great, and the development of the intellect is so high, that a simple glazing over of the lesson will not satisfy. We come back to our greatest challenges because the soul is looking for thorough understanding. These two things: understanding and surrender, are the keys to rising above the most intense suffering. 

Future Self

Through the heart chakra, an integration between the three main energy centers in the body (head, heart, and gut) is taking place. Future self is “talking” to present self in the subtle language of the heart. There is a thread of love and life connecting the heart at this time with the potential future of self which is in a state of full Divine Embodiment. The message of Future Self is integrating into what we know as conscience in the present time. Opening channels in the cerebellum through the prefrontal cortex to receive truth in the form of deepest inner wisdom. This is a guiding influence for moment-to-moment choices which lead life to its highest potential by honoring the heart’s wisdom. 

Removing grief and expectations

Clearing grief, both long held old grief and more recently acquired grief from the heart chakra and chest. Clearing expectations. Bringing the loving vision of those who hold you dear to the deepest level of self definition. Know that the perspective of loved ones is the reflection of your potential. Therefore, even if they aren’t present to offer that perspective, their vision is still a very real part of who you are. In fact when loved ones are lost, their vision expands to infinity, and increases the chances of your realization of that great potential multifold. 

Expanding the definition of the purpose of life to embrace cosmic value. This expansion is manifesting as a flow of self acceptance which is not constrained by time. This flow of self acceptance is moving through the life story to specifically embrace yourself at moments of rejection, disappointment, and despair. Mother of the Universe is adding her beautiful, infinite compassion to this process. She is wrapping you tenderly in her perfect love, at those points of greatest need, so that any feeling of not belonging is completely melted from the field of experience. I am seeing these waves of self love, acceptance and compassion expanding to infinity based on the blessings of the Mother of Creation. 

Creation of energy medicines

Truth matrix for the heart to support the ability to gracefully face the self, compassionately, lovingly, courageously. The causal body is creating an energy medicine which is designed to “dissolve”. This light frequency is interacting with unflattering thought patterns and habits of self reproach. The mental and emotional bodies are receiving a happiness matrix which stabilizes freedom from inner blockages and discord. There are beautiful, luscious, deeply satisfying light medicines made in the subtle levels of the body which promote incredible health in the body from the quantum level through the full physical form. The formulas for these light medicines are being communicated to the overseeing intelligence of the body (body elemental). This is causing a lovely upgrade for the body elemental. 

Sometimes the heart struggles from feelings of loneliness and separation. These feelings make it hard to find the common ground with others. There are natural differences between one’s own perspective and the perspective of others. This makes life interesting. Deep within your heart knows all perspectives simultaneously. So, the heart has the ability to see personal perspective and other’s perspectives at the same time. If you know the Source of Creation within yourself, as yourself, and others do not, then how is this reconciled? The disjunction of perspectives can give rise to a feeling of confusion and chaos which is too big to over come from an individual perspective. 

Balancing with Light

Offering a download for the heart that the differences between people’s individual points of view are rooted in the common Source of Being. So regardless of the differences on the surface, inside common ground can always be found. Divine Love is behind the harshest lessons. 
Balancing harshness and darknesses with the light of essential self. Stabilizing balance as the core of self definition. This illuminates in the perception and awareness of others as a gift for understanding areas within oneself which still need loving attention and support. Illuminating the places where more potential can be realized. This is all about realizing your potential as the embodiment of Divinity. The greater the disjunct between oneself and others, the more potential is present to evolve your full potential.  

We are looking at the “impossible” and diving to the celestial level of reality, where the completion of that impossibility resides, where Wholeness resides. Looking at all possibilities, and finding the balance which reveals the shortest path from the current condition to a state of ideal health, fulfillment, and Divine embodiment. 

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