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Kidney Energy Healing

Energy Healing, Kidneys and the Renal System

How does energy healing view kidneys? As we do when considering any part of the body, we have to consider their function in terms of Totality. And also the process by which Totality–Unmanifest Being–manifests as form.

Kidneys are filters. They are constantly discriminating and regulating. The kidneys are experts on both the quality and quantity of blood required to support the highest health in the body.

Our bodies receive two billion bits of information each second. To avoid overload, both the subtle and dense levels of our system have to filter all this information. The kidneys filter both dense and subtle material.

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The kidneys and the gut—basti mahamarma: relativity and consciousness

To better understand our kidneys, we must understand how we receive information. The head area is responsible for bringing information to our physiology from the individual perspective. The gut area is responsible for bringing information to our physiology from the collective and more subtle perspective. See Maha Marmas.

Unless a problem arises, we hardly notice our kidneys due to their location in the mid back. This is a good location for an organ which works primarily with input of a subtler or abstract nature.

The proximity of the kidneys to the gut area (basti mahamarma) supports their ability to work with information which comes from the level of infinite Being and collective realms of self. Why? Because the gut is the place in the body where experience our world from a collective (our microbiome) perspective. In the gut, food becomes molecular packages of information. These circle through the liver, where they are further sorted, then return to the kidneys. The discriminating intelligence of the kidneys shines a clear and profound perspective upon the more generalized sorting, which takes place in the gut.

Liaisons between the gut and the heart

Each kidney sits in a position which allows the dual pair to be liaisons between the gut and the heart. So the role of the kidney is to translate very subtle and abstract experiences and understandings (which lie at the outermost reaches of conscious awareness in the gut) into the feeling language of the heart.

The heart is the seat of feeling and emotion for the whole body. As such it can speak to all parts of the body. The kidneys are working in the gap between the field of perception and the field of emotional expression.

Because of the extraordinarily brilliant positioning of the kidneys, they don’t have to deal with information in the form of two billion bits per second. They process the Universe before it fully expresses itself as a material substance. They handle nutrients as molecules, after the food is mostly metabolized.

The physicality of the food is then in a primal state. At this time the consciousness coming from the food has just been in the presence of our microbial collective and is quite abstract. So the kidneys don’t filter concrete bits of information. They are dealing with abstractions, where the job of prioritizing is less complicated than it is, for example, for the prefrontal cortex of the brain where conscious thinking occurs.

The kidneys know the climate of the body, and decide whether or not input is aligned with that. It is actually a simple system.

The kidneys and your health

The kidney must be expert at non-attachment. Most of the value of the gross and subtle material that nourishes the body comes through their gate—but cannot be held there. Perpetuating health means giving the goods over to the circulatory system. It also means ensuring waste release. If there is even a small tendency in the kidneys to hold on to the goods or the waste, health problems arise.

Healing the kidneys requires examination of:

  • attachments to anything — the pleasant or the non-pleasant.
  • whether life’s boundaries are healthy boundaries–these are often reflected in relationships with others, and
  • whether life purpose is on an evolutionary trajectory.

The decisions of the kidneys are based upon the overall state of the body. So, when the direction of life purpose is well anchored to the vision of full potential, then the kidneys can function optimally.

To help you deal with kidney issues, you can access the Algorithm for Healing, a basic process for the creation of energies which heal the body and full body transformation from illness to health.

Hand Chakra Healing is another avenue you can use to access healing energy. Hand chakras are energy centers located in the palms of our hands, which allow us to receive and send healing energy. 

Wishing perfect health for you and your kidneys!

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