Prana: Vital Energy or Life Force


Prana is the vital energy or life force that permeates everything in the body and in the entire body of the Universe. As the life force energy, prana is found in fresh, whole, pure, organic foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. All pure, brightly colored foods that are alive radiate energy. These high prana … Read more

Prefrontal Cortex: Executive Function of the Brain

Where is the prefrontal cortex located? The prefrontal cortex is located in the front part of the brain, just behind the forehead. What it responsible for? It is responsible for: communicating, guiding, and coordinating the functions of the different parts of the brain managing higher cognitive processes such as planning, problem solving, logic, reasoning, decision … Read more

Process of Energy Healing: Attention for Balance and Optimal Health

The process of energy healing is a process of using consciousness to heal the body. We know the body is essentially made of consciousness even though it seems physical. So what we’re doing in energy healing is intelligently directing attention—which is consciousness—to a particular location in the body for the sake of promoting balance and … Read more