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Neurochemicals: Pathways to Self-Healing

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Neurotransmitters.jpg

What are neurochemicals?

Neurochemicals are chemicals involved in our nervous system’s functioning. Accordingly, they transmit signals from neurons1, regulate thoughts, adjust emotions, promote growth, manage nervous system cell repair and play an important role in the cognitive process.

Examples of neurochemicals:

One major type of neurochemical is the neurotransmitter. It transmits signals by crossing the synapses between neurons. For example, a very common neurotransmitter is glutamate, important in learning and memory.

Another important neurotransmitter we all have is dopamine, It affects memory, motivation and voluntary motor control. Furthermore, our brains release dopamine in the nucleus accumbens to create pleasurable sensations.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that we produce during times of intense sensation. These endorphins are actually peptides that we make in the body. In times of stress, they can lower the sensation of pain and can create a feeling of euphoria.

Another neurochemical is the hormone oxytocin important in social bonding, sexual arousal and maternal behavior. Increased levels of oxytocin produce feelings of calm, contentment and trust.

Serotonin, melatonin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) are three neurotransmitters produced by the Pineal Gland. Each plays an important role in the cognition process. As they travel throughout the brain, they give rise to sensory, extrasensory and synesthesia experiences.

Serotonin, in particular, plays an important role in the cognition process that begins in the Crown Chakra and finally results in a self-referral State of Being. This process in itself activates the energy healing process.

Certainly, our brain chemistry has a profound effect on our health, capabilities, behavior and our ability to come  a self-referral State of Being.

1Neurons are nerve cells, fundamental units of the brain and nervous system, that communicate information. They are responsible for receiving sensory information from the external world, and transporting information to the rest of the body (such as sending motor commands to muscles.)

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