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Chronic Conditions

Sometimes when a part of the body is very weak, this area will react to different types of challenges. For example, a chronic condition can get triggered when you face a big lesson, but also when you experience difficult people or other physical hardships, such as temperature extremes, other infections in the body, etc. 

A chronic condition can act as a gauge to let you know when your boundaries are being violated or when greater self-care is required. It is the body’s way of helping you stay aligned with your highest truth. When you get yourself back on track, then the pain is not so necessary. There is a ‘feel’ to being in precise alignment with your true Nature. Look for that. When you feel it rather than approach it intellectually, then it will be easier to stay balanced. Kind of like riding a bike. 

When the body has a ‘weak area’, a chronic condition, that area will be the first to cry out if life experience becomes stressed. There may be some aspects of your experience that are not suiting your evolution fully. In these areas, the body will ‘tell’ you by creating discomfort when a stressful (or emotional) experience flares up.  The deep rest during sleep can help with almost all chronic health conditions, so I would encourage you to read my Heavenly Sleep: Simple Techniques article. Also, healing the mitochondrial level of our cells can help with chronic conditions.

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