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Our Earth Experiences

Earth Experiences
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Earth is a middle world, a cosmic laboratory of sorts. Here on earth is where the light and dark meet in various ways to illustrate the dynamic relationship between the forces of creation and destruction. This is why the human experience is so fascinating—and highly coveted.

The nature of Divine light, or Being, is to expand at infinite speed. There are worlds in our universe where the light flows without hindrance. The forms of life in these realms have no motivation to slow down the Grace of Divinity for it is perfect and precious as it is. There are also worlds where the darkness of boundaries and density are much thicker than what we experience on Earth. In those worlds of density it is so hard to conceive of how light can penetrate to illuminate its own nature. On Earth, we have both the presence of density and the presence of Divine light coexisting.

How does this relate to us?

Within the context of the human experience it is extremely common to feel unlovable due to self-identified imperfections, shortcomings, weaknesses, etc. Innumerable generations of ancestors have rejected love from both internal and external sources based upon some feeling of inadequacy. Separating from love and feeling separate from one’s Divine Nature go hand in hand. 

However, the choice to feel separate is itself of Divine origin. 

The light of Divinity will inevitably penetrate anything that we can think of as a “flaw”—because such thinking is itself a kind of barrier. However, when the light of Being meets the darkness of boundaries, a cosmic dance occurs. This dance causes the light to move slowly as it washes away ignorance, misunderstanding and all other blockages. (The boundaries themselves are codes of sorts which are responsible for the light taking particular shapes as it creates perfect interference patterns for the particular densities which it is vanquishing.) 

The purpose of our earth experience boundaries—our “flaws”

Each boundary we experience on Earth is completely precious, for each dissolution reveals a new facet of Divinity, a new perspective on the way in which God enters the creation. The choice to suffer a life with boundaries is itself a service to the Creator. Now, I am not advocating suffering here. The Creator can enter the creation through expressions of bliss as easily as through expressions of suffering. The important point is that suffering does have a value in the light of evolution. 

Being only wants to know itself, to adore itself through Its own self-expression. The boundaries serve to reveal the truth to the whole universe and not just to us. Our experience of dissolving ignorance actually blesses the Creator. So too the beings who do not want to slow down the light. They can look to Earth and see the details. The worlds of darkness also receive blessing. They are shown the path which light takes to penetrate darkness.

We on Earth are the laboratory where this amazing story unfolds. 

The more evolved a person’s intellect, the more likely they will need to slow the light in order to satisfy their soul’s need to deeply understand the lesson. Energy healing helps to dissolve any egoic attachment to intellectual understanding. And it can allow a person to move into the light without getting bogged down in details which perpetuate suffering. 

Ultimately it is our faults, failings, weaknesses, etc. which make us more adorable in the eyes of the entire creation. It was an old misunderstanding that they made us less adorable. We use these impediments to evolution as leverage to increase light in our own lives and collective life as well. It is because of these shortcomings that the eradication of darkness by light is demonstrated.

False beliefs fade away when wisdom dawns.

We when realize that our individuality is merely a Divine antenna experiencing our own Totality. And the potential of human consciousness is naturally infinite. As a result, the DNA, the archive of the ancestors, becomes transformed. Generations in the future are opened to live the reality of their full potential.

In this present time, we can recreate humanity on Earth as a race of beings with the ability to harness the infinite organizing potential of Nature to its fullest. 

Love and gratitude,

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