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How to Clear Energy Hooks, Cords, etc.

Every day people are putting their attention on you and you’re putting your attention on them. Ninety percent of the time it’s all very sweet and innocent, and it has more of a life-enhancing effect than damaging. But when there is a problem, when somebody doesn’t have your best interests at heart, then it’s very useful to do the following exercise for clearing energy hooks and cords.

But before we begin with the exercise, here’s a bit more explanation.

Anytime we put our attention on someone else, a thread of consciousness passes from our physiology to theirs. In this exercise, we’ll be working with the Astral level of the body. The Astral level of the physiology is where consciousness takes the form of threads. Thus here is where we will be clearing hooks and cords. Psychic hooks and cords can come to anyone from anyone. This happens quite spontaneously, most people don’t even realize that it is happening.

Now, threads connect into our bodies from other sources besides just attention. If someone has expectations about you, is passing judgment, loves you dearly, etc., the threads of that person’s consciousness will come to you. Further, when we put our attention on something we want to do, or some place we want to go, our thread of attention connects us to that thing or place. 

Your Astral Body is the first point of contact for these threads. The threads also connect to the chakras. The main chakras through which we process the threads of awareness or consciousness from others are those that exist within the human form — the seven chakras. (See: Chakras)

These cords can block the energy of the chakras. The good news is that clearing energy hooks and cords is easy. Here’s how:

Clearing Energetic Cords and Hooks:

  • Picture yourself as if you were standing behind your body and looking at your back. 
  • Sweep your attention up and down the spine.
  • Pay special attention to places where the energy feels blocked.
  • Using attention, “sweep” the cords off of your back and away from your body.
  • The cord will spontaneously go back to its source. You can send some love with it, if you wish. 
  • It is good to leave a little love at each chakra point for yourself as you go. This will help stabilize the spot where the cord was.

Note: This technique also works if you want to release an attachment to a place, a memory in time, etc.

Along with this process, it is good to strengthen the astral body. The astral body is closely connected to the immune system and acts as an energetic shielding. Sending love and attention to the astral body, will help ensure that you will be more resilient to cords in the future. 


Astral Body and Self Protection Exercise

(Estimated viewing time: 6:36 minutes)

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