Soma: Finest Product of Digestion

Soma—the finest product of digestion that nourishes the devas at the finest level of the senses

Soma is the finest product of digestion brought about by the complete assimilation of food. It is sometimes described as a super fine, unctuous, liquidy light flowing through the body.

The healthy body breaks down food so completely to produce soma which, in turn, nourishes everything in the body. One example is healthy blood produced from a properly functioning digestion that properly digests food.

In particular, the senses, the most refined level of our nervous system, the finest level of our intelligence, the devas level, become nourished and more powerful and useful with the production of soma.

The eyes, for example, see more clearly, even penetrating into the celestial realm. Perception becomes much richer. Hearing becomes more refined, also penetrating into the celestial realms of sound.

So, the production of soma nourishes all the nervous system but particularly, the most refined level of intelligence, the senses. The more refined is our speech, hearing, sight, touch and smell, the more deeply productive and satisfied we will be in our lives.

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