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There are actually four types of tonsils. A tonsillectomy removes only the Palatine tonsils. So if you have undergone a tonsillectomy, the good news is that you still have 3/4 of your tonsils left. Additionally, even if surgery physically removed the Palatines, they still exist at an etheric level. Thus, a tonsillectomy does not completely erase their influence on the level of consciousness. 

Role of Tonsils

Our tonsils hold white blood cells, sitting ready to destroy invaders of various types. These protective organs actually create a hexagonal formation in the gap between the mouth/nasal passages and the throat. This fascinates me, because the hexagon is a sacred form. So it serves like a circle of protection at the entrance to the body.

Energetically, I feel that these organs together express a person’s self-love in the form of protection. There is definitely an energy here of reverence for the body, of recognition and respect of boundaries, and also resourcefulness. 


My take is that environmental influences can cause them to flare up. This can happen when we feel our boundaries are being violated, or we are not being ‘seen’ as our true self.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your tonsils became inflamed and were removed during a time when you experienced this. The antidote? Reestablish this level of self-respect now.

Using energy healing, you go back in time to when the tonsillectomy occurred and heal your young self.

Although I don’t yet have a video specifically on tonsils, you might enjoy this healing video for the Throat Chakra:


Chakra Workshop, 5th Chakra (Throat)

(Estimated viewing time: 10:04)

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