Svadhisthana, 2nd Chakra: Expansive, Creative Energy

Second Chakra, Svadhisthana—Expansive, Creative Energy The second chakra, Svadhisthana, is located two inches beneath the navel, deep in the core of the torso. Svadhisthana is associated with sexuality and re-production. Its essential nature is expansive, creative energy. However, elements that bind people, such as belief systems, for example, lie in Svadhisthana. A lot of belief … Read more

Heart: the Structure that Promotes the Flow of Bliss

Energy Healing for the Heart

The Heart—the Structure that Promotes the Flow of Bliss The heart is the key organ in our circulatory systems. The flow of blood within the circulatory system represents the flow of bliss in our body and in life. Indeed, the heart is that structure which promotes the flow of bliss—the eternal expansion and collapse of … Read more

Crown Chakra, Sahasrara: Access Point for Celestial Energies

Massive redwood trees representing the power represent the Crown Chakra---Access Point for Energy and Healing

Crown Chakra—Access Point for Energy and Healing Power It’s through the crown chakra, or the 7th chakra, that we access all the energy and healing power of the God-Presence. The celestial energies come through this chakra. Your Cord of Light, which runs from the crown down through the body, connects it to Mother Earth. Besides … Read more

Pure Being: State of Pure Existence

Pure Being—State of Pure Existence The Field of Pure Being is the field of pure unmanifest, unbounded, infinite silence, infinite pure awareness or consciousness. It is the deep, nourishing comfort of the silent foundation or Source of Creation. As such, it is the source of all the beings of creation. Any being is going to … Read more

Ajna Chakra: 6th Chakra, Located in the Head at the Pineal Gland

Ajna Chakra—the 6th Chakra Ajna Chakra, the 6th Chakra, also known as the Third Eye, is located in the head at the pineal gland. We associate Agni Chakra with the zodiac signs Cancer and Leo, the color indigo and the mantra AUM. The pineal gland’s role, through its communication with the reticular activating system (RAS), … Read more