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Healing Space – How to Activate

What is a Sacred Healing Space?

The sacred healing space is a region of consciousness where healing is optimized. It is nested within the larger space of your pure potential – in other words, within the blueprint of who you really are and are becoming.

The laws of Nature in this space support purification, integration, and growth. Thus, accessing this space is an essential tool for effective self-healing.

Furthermore, this healing space contains the resources to illuminate the cosmic reason for a symptom or imbalance you may be experiencing. Recognition of the cosmic reason is a fundamental key to complete healing.

How does it work?

The sacred healing space exists at the causal level of the body. The eternal light of the unmanifest Source of creation rises first to the most abstract level of manifestation, the causal level. There it experiences the first boundaries of the material world. These boundaries form the regions of the causal field. The light of Being hums in the causal regions, forming the structure upon which the Universe is built.

The big story that we are all living is the story of the Divine Source of creation evolving through this Universe, including ourselves. Within everyone, there is a fundamental intention to embody Divinity completely. Wherever we are not succeeding in this endeavor, the body will communicate a need for help, often through illness.

How to Access Your Sacred Healing Space

I find this exercise easiest when resting, with the hands over the heart.

  1. Quietly feel into the body. Notice how ancient and refined the body’s wisdom is. 
  2. In this space, you are safe to explore your truth. This truth is held in the heart’s energy center.
  3. From the heart, listen to the body’s messages regarding areas of unrest, discomfort, or challenge.
  4. Lovingly and reverently request the action that is in your highest and best interests.
  5. Quietly allow this feeling of loving reverence and support to expand into the areas that are uncomfortable.
  6. Enjoy the graceful transformation.

The size of your healing space will be the size that best suits your needs at the moment. This space is malleable. The healing space creates a context for you to feel safe with yourself. This trust opens access to the infinite potential of your body’s eternal wisdom. From this position, the truth of why you don’t feel well will be revealed.

The wisdom of “how” to repair the body is contained within the knowledge of “why” the illness is present in the first place.

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